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The Guru Is Here

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Let’s jump right in…

As humans (in our current state of humanity), we tend towards a drive to strive. We strive for things. Validation. Expertise. Newness. Transformation.

In order to achieve the object of our strivings, we employ the guru. The answer. Looking for the thing that will take us from here and deliver us there. Often, we place this responsibility in the hands of a few; the experts, the person at the head of the room, holding the microphone, author of the book, the one with the clearest of eyes.

It’s true. The guru is there, in those places. And…

The guru is here—beyond these words. As you step away from your computer, put your phone on sleep, and look up into the next moment of your life, the guru awaits. The guru is behind the next step you take, the annoying email you receive, the argument you get into later with a spouse, co-worker, or friend.

The guru is in the tasks you don’t think about but perform every day—driving, cleaning, and preparing meals. The guru is there.

The guru is in your tears, in your laughter, in your anger and fear. The guru is in the joy. The guru is in the pain.

The guru is conspiring to bring you exactly what you need. The guru doesn’t need to be sought for, for the guru is here.

You need only listen.

The guru is here.

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
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