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Going The Distance – How The Olympics Inspire The World

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All About Happiness – A weekly column by Sandy Galiano

Many traveled to London after training for 4 years. Some were Olympian virgins, others have experienced the pleasure of a medal, while others attempted and left empty handed only to return home and start from zero. Going the distance is taking yourself from point A to point B. And yet, its not just about these endpoints but the journey in between.

Little Ellie Challs together with Olympian Oscar Pistorius

I have more than enjoyed the Olympic games. I’ve cheered, I’ve cried hearing some stories, and I haven’t slept. It’s been inspiring to watch the Olympics. For one, my workouts have been phenomenal, while the performances and games combined with the athletes stories have spiritually and mentally inspired me. If athletes leave with no medals, have they failed? Of course not! It is an honor to even participate. Thats why I say to you to participate in your own life because it really is an honor. Let yourself be inspired by the Olympics!

1) Learning From Mistakes

Mistakes in the past, like those of Beijing, happen to all of us. That’s right to the best and worst, to the rich and the poor. The measure of success in the end is how you proceed to a new beginning. That means learning from and using the knowledge to perform better next time.

2) Never Giving Up

Mistakes in the present (London games) require acceptance of what is. Sometimes the training for 4 years doesn’t bring the outcome you wanted. It’s ok to cry. It hurts. Go and try again. And so you push yourself to brush off what happened after a good cry. The tears can flush out the hurtful feelings from inside but crying won’t give you a medal.

3) Pursuing A Dream

You may ask yourself how long it will take to get what you want. Think about these athletes who have to train for 4 years. Its not like they are sitting around waiting, they are waiting for another chance while training their bodies off. They miss time with their families and friends. In the period of
waiting there is hard work as well as sacrifice. And in 4 years there will be an opportunity to take all of that and give it all you got.

The journey is not over. Oh no baby! Now, its another journey to another point. The only end point is death, nothing else, not even taxes!

Furthermore, as I look deep within myself I have come to a new understanding. The game of Life challenges us to strengthen the inner muscles as well as the outer ones. The dedication we give to ourselves comes from the happiness we feel for ourselves, from the happiness we feel learning from our mistakes, and from the future that is all about happiness.

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