Yoga Is For Everybody? Not Quite...

This 2-minute quiz shows you if yoga is for you. Or what you should do instead.

Giveaway – 3 x Stunning Yoga Charm Necklaces by Zenned Out (Worth $45)

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What an inspiring giveaway we have this week! Zenned Out's handmade yoga charm necklaces come with different yoga-related stamps to remind you of the things you love ♥. Your very own wearable mantra!

Zenned Out jewelry creates clean, thoughtful designs with deep spiritual messages that are not overly obvious. Tasteful pieces that hold deep meaning for you, and only you. That moment when you are fully absorbed, that’s when you are Zenned Out. Like a meaningful tattoo you can take off and switch out for others, Zenned Out jewelry will make you feel whole, divine, and inspired.

Which Yoga symbol do you want on your necklace? Leave a comment below to enter the draw. Good luck!


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Can’t wait to wear these beautiful yoga charms around your neck? Get these necklaces and other Zenned Out jewellery for you and your friends right here.

The giveaway is closed now. Congratulations to @norayogini@turtlemoon, and @hlharts for winning this weeks giveaway! 

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