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Giveaway – 3 x One DOYOUYOGA “Breathe” Sweatshirt of Your Choice

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Do you need a wonderful new way to cozy up during Savasana? How about something to keep you warm on your way to work during the winter months? Then this week’s giveaway is perfect for you, ‘cause we’re giving away the signature DOYOU “Breathe” sweatshirt!

How to Join: It’s easy! Just leave a comment below.

breathe sweatshirts giveaway

Remember to Breathe

Remember to breathe and take time for yourself while wearing this sweatshirt. Whether that’s in your yoga class or cozied up on the couch with a good book, this sweatshirt will keep you calm and collected, as well as super warm!

The most popular product in the DOYOU STORE, the “Breathe” sweatshirt is great for any occasion. Choose from either the women's wideneck sweatshirt in dark grey, light blue, or light grey, or the men's hooded light grey sweatshirt. Great for the dedicated yoga practitioner and non-yogi alike, comment below to make it yours!

Breathe men's & women's sweatshirts

Three (3) randomly selected users will be chosen to win one (1) “Breathe” sweatshirt of their choice. The giveaway runs from Monday, January 18th, to Friday, January 23rd, so make sure to comment below to enter!

Get 10% Off!

If you can’t wait for the giveaway to be over to get your hands on an awesome DOYOU “Breathe” sweatshirt, head over to the DOYOU STORE and get 10% off!

Congratulations to @kafreenj, @zveryshka, and @ninaahoi for winning this week's giveaway!

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