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Getting Started With Yoga – 5 Tips From Amy Lynn Grover

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Starting out with yoga can be kind of confusing. There are many different style, pose, sequences and classes. But don't be intimidated by fancy names and uber-flexible yogis. Yoga is fun and easy to get into. Here are 5 tips for getting started with yoga.

1) Be Open Minded

Getting started with yoga doesn't have to be intimidating. It all comes down to personal preference – Be open minded and try a variety of styles, studios and teachers to see what you like.  I personally love Hatha vinyasa flow classes because they really give a great and thorough workout.

2) Try A Private Class

A private is always a great option to get alignment and the nuts and bolts of the practice before you pick up any bad habits from other students.  OR Start with a basic beginner class. Don’t worry about being co-ordinated or flexible or not knowing everything all at once. There’s always new things to learn, so don’t get too stuck on things you aren’t good at yet, it’ll all come together – just breath and move.

3) Start Slowly

Before getting started with yoga, it's important that you know your limits. Listen to your body. Downward Dog and Child’s Pose are great options to go to in practice to calm your body and restore your breath. Check out some yoga poses for beginners and start slowly.

4) Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear comfortable bendable clothing. Guy’s try MMA shorts with the slits – they are great for yoga and of course Lululemon has all kinds of stuff for both guys and gals to practice in. They have some gear and apres practice ;). If you love yourself (how could you not?), invest in a good mat (Manduka has the best selection and they last forever).

5) Don't Take It Too Serious

It’s just yoga, don’t take yourself too serious – Stay positive and enjoy it! Bring water, towel and a smile! The flows you do on your mat will be flowing off your mat into life in no time at all.

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