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Get Ready for the Year of the Monkey!

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Calling all monkeys! This is your year, or so says the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese New Year spans from February 8th, 2016 to January 27th, 2017. So what can we expect for those of us who fall under the ninth sign in Chinese astrology?

Before we fill you in, let’s answer this important question…

Are You a Monkey?

Years of the Monkey

  • 02/20/1920 – 02/07/1921
  • 02/06/1932 – 01/25/1933
  • 01/25/1944 – 02/12/1945
  • 02/12/1956 – 01/30/1957
  • 01/30/1968 – 02/16/1969
  • 02/16/1980 – 02/04/1981
  • 02/04/1992 – 01/22/1993
  • 01/22/2004 – 02/08/2005
  • 02/08/2016 – 01/27/2017

Don’t be offended if your birthday falls between the dates listed below, as monkeys in the zoo and those in the Chinese zodiac have quite different qualities.

According to the zodiac, a person deemed a monkey is intelligent and wise in money matters. These individuals are ambitious, adventurous, flexible in life, quick-witted, gentle, and trustworthy.

Still, monkeys aren’t perfect. Their not-so-admirable traits may include a short fuse, jealousy, arrogance, selfishness, and a tendency to look down on others.

Monkeys Should Be Active on Their Mats in 2016

While monkeys may have been lucky in every way in 2015, the new year brings some potential woes, particularly in areas of health.

Take every opportunity to hop on your mat and support the health of your body and soul with your asanas. Maintaining a balanced life will be crucial to keeping monkeys well in the coming year.

Monkeys and Their Money

According to the Chinese zodiac, good fortune does not come abundantly in 2016 for the monkey. Maintaining caution and prudence with investments may be the best approach, under the circumstances.

The Monkey’s Ideal Match

Thinking of diving into the dating pool in 2016? If you’re an unattached monkey looking for the right match, consider what the Chinese zodiac recommends. It’s possible that this system beats those online dating algorithms — but who can be sure?

Ask your next potential suitor whether he or she is pig or a tiger, and don’t worry about offending these folks, as astrology has pegged them as your worst possible mates. When it comes to matches, your best options are the oxen and rabbits. And while you may date another monkey or a snake, they’ll probably end up in the friend zone if the Chinese zodiac has it right.

What are your thoughts on the year of the monkey and the Chinese zodiac? Do you adhere to it or find it merely entertaining? Leave a comment below!

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