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Five Signs Your Yoga Teacher Is Awesome

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If you are lucky, you’ve already met a teacher who rocks your world and you will no *exactly* what I’m talking about. But, if you are on the hunt for some inspiration for your practice, here are some signs of a great yoga teacher!

1) They help To Reveal But They Don't Tell

Teaching is a conversation not a lecture. The best teachers share a dialogue and get curious! An awesome teacher will encourage you to delve in, just as they do. Yoga is about you connecting with YOU. Don't look for your teacher to blindly have all the answers. Look for your teacher to help you ask and understand your questions. The best teachers will help you find your light.

2) They know you

The best teachers get to know you. The recognize that teaching yoga is MORE than teaching bodies. Great teachers see you as a complete person. They pay attention to your details and know you enough to offer you a hug and ask about your sweetie / new apartment / cat named Rudolf. Awesome teachers make the effort to connect with you because they care.

3) They Practice And Talk About It

An awesome teacher is also a hungry student. Every. Single. Day. These teachers source their own life and consistently desire to learn more. The best teachers recognize their humanity and, by accepting it, encourage you to do the same. These rockstars know that life is the practice and they are joining you in it!

4) They Teach To The Class And Not The Idea

Great teachers don't need to prove how 'yogic' they are with their perfect Sanskrit and sparkly aura. They do not need to demonstrate advanced asana every other posture or impress you with their vegan clothing. In fact, great teachers don't need to prove anything because they recognize that your yoga class is about YOU and not them! The best teachers show up to share with you and your community where you are at.

5) They Are A Constant Human Being

Awesome teachers teach as themselves. This means that they are the same person on the mat and at the market. And, while a great teacher is by no means perfect, these rockstars are honest and secure enough to be the people they are. That’s pretty awesome!

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