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Finding Contentment: 3 Ways to Practice Santosha

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One of the Niyamas (self-restraints) in the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Santosha is the practice of contentment and non-attachment. It helps us to bring focus on not holding attachment to the materialistic or outer appearances.

This can be practiced on our mats by not holding attachment to the fullest expression of a pose, or feeling as if we need to get to that expression.

In my classes, I love to remind my students that we are all built differently, and ultimately are coming from different days, situations and energies. We owe our bodies the respect and trust to be content with how they feel in a pose in that very moment. No forcing, just contentment.

Off of our mats, we can practice Santosha by not comparing ourselves to other, but rather owning where we are in our journey. Here a few other ways to practice Santosha today.

1. Ditch the Assumptions

It's easy to assume someone is acting a certain way, because of something you've done. It's even easier to assume that they are happy in their situation, because they may have something you don't.

These assumptions can hinder your good-vibe energy from growing! Try to ditch these assumptions by practicing daily to keep your thoughts positive towards others.

2. Let Go of What You Can't Control

Remember that sometimes all you can do to take control is focus on your breath & your energy to stay on track. There are some situations, experiences, and people especially, you simply can not control. Move forward. Don't sacrifice your bliss for these moments – they will pass!

3. Focus on the Good

When something makes you mad – focus on the good! When something doesn't go your way – focus on what IS going your way. It is all about your focus; your Drishti.

When your focus is on the positive, it will show. Things will shift & it will begin to rub off on those around you!

How do YOU practice santosha in your daily life? Share in the comments below!

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