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Find Your OMies: Finding Your Niche as a Yoga Teacher

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When I first started teaching yoga, I wanted to help everyone. I wanted to be the freelance yogi who floated around and taught private yoga, group-led yoga, different themed workshops, and even fun events like yoga at sorority events and road races. What I found was two-fold.

First, I didn’t know where to begin when it came to marketing myself or sharing my uniqueness (in fact, I spent months trying on niches and dream clients and felt like a failure at narrowing it down!).

Two, whenever they landed on my website, my flier, or in my class, people weren’t sure they were in the right place because I was sending out more than a handful of messages.

Where are your OMies at?

When I started narrowing down my yoga teaching focus, things became clearer, and the group of people that I was born to work with started to emerge. When you know who your OMies and tribe members are, you are able to speak to them directly and mindfully market to them specifically.

This is key—it helps you reach the people who you can deliver the most value and impact to AND it lets your ideal clients know who you are, where they can find you, and how they can work with you. All-around win!

Narrowing down your ideal client can be tricky, but it will give you immense clarity and turn your marketing from general and vague to mindful and potent. Ready to find your OMies? Riff on these questions for successfully finding your niche as a yoga teacher.

  1. Who do you enjoying serving?
  2. What is their #1 problem?
  3. How does what you offer help them solve it?
  4. Where do they hang? What do they like to do?
  5. What can you teach them or help them solve?
  6. What sub-categories can you talk about that are relevant to this group (get specific – this is your niche)?

Be flexible and take your time.

Refining your message, molding your niche, and finding a group of people that you want to work with can be challenging and take time, so trust the process and don’t rush it. Another reminder: these things can change and evolve as your focuses and zones of geniuses do, too.

Take me for instance, I’ve been a yoga teacher for triathletes, a private yoga teacher who helps yogis create and sustain an at-home yoga practice, and now, my true home and niche: I’m a mentor for private yoga teachers.

Finding your yoga teacher OMies and tribe can be a huge exercise in exploring your unique skill-set, passions, and gifts—so savor every moment and practice open-minded optimism.

If you’re feeling hot-on-the-track for an answer, or if you’re trying on a few niches and feel like you’re getting closer to find your OMies, leave a note and share with me below!

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