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How To Use Emotional Thought Control To Improve Your Yoga

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When getting ready to head out the door to yoga class, I always prepare myself mentally. Yogis understand that everything we have in life is directly related to how we think. Thought control is my key to pose success and I can practice that before, during, and after yoga class. But did you know that thought control is something that can benefit a person emotionally?

Men and women alike go through a cycle every month, and although it may be well known that women deal with emotional stress, men do as well. It can be more difficult to complete regular daily tasks when dealing with emotional stress, but practicing thought control can kill those subsidiary emotions and the problems of your world lose their sting.

Envision the Goal

You have heard the phrase, “Just imagine yourself winning, and you will.” My Dad used to say that to me when I was child. Whether I wanted to win a race, give a great speech, or even just make a new friend, I would close my eyes and imagine the end result in the way I wanted. Now this did not always work, but it did cure any fear or doubt I may have been holding on to. Thought control begins with envisioning your goal. I can imagine myself mastering a yoga pose, and have the confidence I need to do my very best.

Be Positive

When you feel down, often your thoughts become more negative. By forcing yourself to think positively your emotional control is in your hands. In yoga we think about being long and lean, stretching and reaching, and the more we think about that the more flexible we become. Yoga teaches us to be positive in our thoughts, and this is true for emotional control as well. If you feel exhausted, tell yourself that you have all the energy you need to accomplish your goals. This will send natural, positive motivation to your brain.

Take Control of Now

As so perfectly stated in ‘The Yoga of Mind Control’ by Swami Vivekananda; “Whatever you think, that you will be. If you think yourself weak, weak you will be. If you think yourself strong, strong you will be.” We have the power to control how we think and act. Taking control of what is happening right now, gives us the strength and motivation to continue to take care of the future.

Most of everything we have or attain in life is a direct result of our thought processes. Our mind is what determines whether we try or give up, become an artist or a teacher, and be happy or sad. Thought control is ours and the future of our lives is unlimited when we learn to remember that.

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