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Digging Deeper – Why We Must Learn To Let Go

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All About Happiness – A column by Sandy Galiano.

Has anyone ever told you to dig deeper? Did you ever feel so close to something but you had to keep digging? There are times when we must keep going while at other times we have to face the fact that enough is enough. Let’s take a look at the digging, whether we do it with a shovel or down on our knees with our hands. Whether we’re digging a hole in the sand or in the dirt, in the end what we make is a hole in the ground. That hole is as deep as we dig it. We may not even know the depth of our emotions, yet we can measure it by taking a look at our trenches.

We Don't Know When We Have To Stop

For example, in desperation and anxieties our minds tumble around our many thoughts. Simultaneously and unconsciously these frustrations encourage us to keep digging without realizing when we must stop. The digging becomes an automatic movement where we don’t even recognize how we continue to dig deeper. The reason is that we feel so close to what we are looking for that we don’t stop. And yet, even though part of us keeps digging, another part of us may know there is no reason to continue.

So, if someone has ended a relationship with you, there is a tendency to keep going back for more, to keep calling and to leave hundreds of messages. These actions come from the root of knowing you can’t let go of this person, yet it becomes unconscious when it feels like you can’t stop reaching out. Dig deep in frustration and all you are doing is burying yourself. So how do you learn to let go?

Make Your Peace Or Dig Forever

You can either throw yourself into the hole or you can choose something better. You can choose to gently place your past into the hole and lower it in as you bid farewell. You can even place a rose (or three) on top before the burial is final. Just like we bury our loved ones and never forget them, so it is with our past. We never forget it. We place it in a loving place we can visit whenever we feel we need to… whether joyous, sad, or desperate. The past does not provide the answers if we ask. Therefore, consciously placing in a safe place will allow us to be at peace with it. It doesn’t mean it never happened or it never hurt. It just means its over, time that you learn to let go and move on.

The Truth Is Within Yourself

On another note, there is a time when digging deep into present can allow miracles to happen in the future. Dig deep within yourself means to discover your passions and live them. It means to know what makes you happy not just right now but at every moment. If we created a life where we have been searching outside of who we are for joy then all we did is gather clutter. For example, do you do what your friends like and always go along with what others choose, or do you actively voice your opinion on what brings you happiness? Do you say things like: "If only my boss was"…"if only my husband could"…"I wouldn’t worry so much if it wasn’t for." These are signs that you are looking outside yourself.

The searching always comes from within. The digging within will provide all the answers you have ever wanted. Deep within your present self. You will find the answers are all about happiness.

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