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Combined Spinning and Yoga, Anyone?

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Achieving holistic balance is a basic function of yoga. In the studio, we achieve it through Pranayama and asanas, and various sequencing of postures. In practical life, we attempt balance by dividing our time among various activities and endeavours, and with various people.

Fancy finding out how a gym in Washington D.C. does it?

Sweat Drenching, Mind Calming

By combining a high-intensity spinning workout with a slow, though no less challenging, yoga class. The Revolution/Yoga Class is led by Gabriella Boston, who used to teach separate classes in spinning and yoga. Discovering she could actually combine them, she ventured to start doing classes that promoted the benefits of a fast, drenching workout with a collected, calming yoga session.

Spinning + Yoga = Awesome Workout

And indeed the benefits are there: By first working the lower body through sprints and later working the upper body through plank poses, you instantly get a full body workout. Right after all the sprinting, your muscles are tightened. As you progress into the yoga class, your muscles are loosened.  And through all that, you’d have warmed your body up incessantly, and then cooled it down slowly. You then follow with exercises to improve your balance, such as one-foot postures and leaning in on various angles. Finally you cap it off with a few moments of lying quietly on your back to ease your own mind.

Now how’s that for a holistic, balanced workout?

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