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Choosing the Right Yoga Routine

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When you do yoga, you have to choose a routine that fits you. In order to do this, you first have to know what your goals are. Do you want to lose weight or do you want to build up your strength and flexibility? The routine that you end up with will depend largely on which of the many benefits of yoga you want to reap.

Yoga Builds a Better Body

Yoga may seem like it's just all about stretching to non-practitioners, but it in fact is also a great way of strengthening the muscles. There are a number of yoga poses that do this by building up muscle strength and endurance similar to the more common strengthening exercises like weightlifting. The stretches and poses inherent to yoga have been proven to be very effective in loosening tight joints and making your body be more flexible overall. This flexibility is key to a more responsive and toned body. Those who want to reap these benefits should look into yoga classes that focus more on strength building and flexibility. Ashtanga yoga, which is also sometimes called Power yoga, is the perfect example.

Losing Weight with Yoga

If weight loss is your main target, you will likely want to enroll in a class that focuses on vigorous motions and poses. Ashtanga yoga once again can be quite useful here. Bikram yoga, which involves exercising in a heated room, is another one of the many types of yoga that help promote weight loss. These yoga classes typically achieve this by raising your heart rate and emphasizing poses and stretches that produce a steady flow of sweat. Losing weight through yoga is not just about the physical motions, too. Proper breathing, which is one of the most basic foundations of yoga, also helps people drop a few extra pounds by enriching the body's supply of oxygen. This can help your body break down food more efficiently, which also effectively lowers the chances of having undigested waste accumulate.

Your overall goal for doing yoga is not the only important consideration when choosing a routine. You also have to keep in mind things like your age, your fitness, and your schedule. Older people or those who are far from peak physical condition may want to opt for a less strenuous yoga routine while those with busy schedules may choose to go with more minimalist sessions. Consulting a professional yoga instructor is the best way to find the perfect yoga routine for you.

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