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Choosing the Right Hot Yoga Clothes

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Hot yoga is a particular type of yoga that is done in a heated room to warm up the muscles for deeper bends and stretches and to induce greater detoxifying sweating. It's quite a different challenge compared to other yoga classes, but for some people, the best feeling in the world can be found post-hot yoga class. Sweating in yoga can be compared to the process of smelting gold – when you melt gold over a fire, all the impurities rise to the top and can be scooped off. The same goes for the internal cleansing that takes place with yoga. Hot yoga simply speeds up this process, and so, it is recommended to wear appropriate hot yoga clothes for your sessions.

What to Wear When Starting Your Hot Yoga Practice

If you're just starting your hot yoga practice, it's fine to wear your regular yoga clothing, or a simple tank top and shorts, or even sweats if you really want to generate that heat. But this is not recommended for intense hot yoga workouts, because you may become too dehydrated, and may have to step out of the room. Most of the time, sports bras and cycling shorts will suffice, but there are certain hot yoga clothes that optimize the benefits one can get out of hot yoga.

Some Hot Yoga Clothes To Try Out

More serious hot yoga practitioners are likely to invest in breathable fabrics that expose as much skin as possible, so as to allow the body to cool off quicker. Some yoga clothing designs make midriff-cut tops similar to their regular length ones that combine design and functionality, and are eco-friendly to boot. Yoga wear that infuses quick dry material are suitable yoga clothing for lots of sweating. There are particular types of material that use technology that draws moisture away from the skin to evaporate into the air.

Another thing to look at in hot yoga clothes that provide support, comfort, and a full range of movement. Most of all, it is important that your hot yoga clothes keep you (relatively) cool and collected as you focus on your intense practice while not revealing too much. Hot yoga is difficult enough as it is – you don't want to contend with the additional task of adjusting your straps and bottoms or subtly covering up an ill-fitting area. So make sure your hot yoga clothes fit well, make you feel good, and let you move freely.

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