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Wake Up Yogi – Why Change Is Hard But Wonderful

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True Story: I backed into a car the other day. It was entirely my fault (I was in reverse instead of drive. Whoops!). I hit the car not because I am a terrible driver. I hit the car because I was distracted and not present. 'Hi. My name is Jamie and I am a distracted Yogi.' It's time for a change! But change is hard…

Do You Want To Make A Change?

There comes a moment when we have to make a choice. It is not a choice in clothing or breakfast oat topping. It is a choice called "Change". The reality of life is that we all have moments of being too plugged-in or feeling too tuned-out. And, once we acknowledge this fact, it really is a choice — our choice that we stay that way. We can stay plugged into our patterns and habits or we can stop. We can wake up.

"The universe is not short on wake-up calls. We are just quick to hit the snooze button." – Brene Brown

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Do you check your phone? What if checking our phones was not our habit? What if we woke with a meditation or a kiss? Once we notice things, we cannot ‘un-notice’ them. This is the reality of truly waking up. Sorry! Remember me kindly tomorrow when you check your emails from bed! We can CHANGE the things we notice that no longer serve us. We can transform our realities right now. Once aware, we change by taking new action.

Pain is Part of the Process

Just like learning yoga, transformation takes time. As much as I would love to say this is easy or fun — often change is hard and even downright painful at times. This does not mean it is not change, and it does not mean that change is not valuable. Committing to real change in the effort to feel alive might be the most valuable undertaking you do. Kahlil Gibran writes: “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” So, change is hard. But it's important!

Take Action To Make A Change

As you try to change, get curious with what happens, instead of getting critical and judgmental. I, for instance, am curious as to why I remain in the habit of checking my phone in the mornings! Then, take action. Change does not happen by story or imagination. It just doesn't. Still, be kind to your transforming self! Remember, ALL change is hard, even when our change is necessary and healthy. To change means to open up and feel vulnerable. To change means to tune in and be willing to let go (What if someone emailed me at 3 am?!!! :P). Do not forget that when you change there is loss as well as gain. So, even as you ‘wake up’ to the possibility of feeling fully alive, you might mourn feeling sheltered by your old habits. This is normal.

Even if they were maladaptive, your habits protected you from something. You now have to build the strength for this more vital you. It's like in "The Matrix" — Neo wakes up and asks Morpheus ‘why’ his legs hurt and Morpheus says: “You’ve never used them before”. Change is a muscle you have to discover and strengthen. Perhaps, you’ve never experienced your real vitally yet. Let it grow with time. Kindness helps. Yoga too.

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