7 Celebrities Killing It At Yoga!

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Nothing is better then seeing our favorite celebrities enjoying the same things as us, especially when it’s yoga!

These celebrities are killing it in their yoga practice and we want to share that with everyone!

Ellie Goulding

Credit: elliegoulding.wikia.com

Musician and self-proclaimed yoga addict, Ellie Goulding’s King Pigeon is just beautiful in this shot!

Russell Simons

Russell Simmons practices yoga daily both on and off his mat. He has embodied the life of a yogi in Western society by following the advice in the Yoga Sutras, and the path of the Eight Limbs. Now he is spreading its yumminess all over the place with his celebrity status. This depiction of his Natarajasana sums up his dance through the Eight Limbs.

Adam Levine

Credit: healthyceleb.com

Killing it here in Side Crow! Every show has a yoga room back stage for this Maroon 5 mega star.


Credit: theguardian.com

Not famous for hiding her spectacular physical practice, this practitioner takes yoga very seriously. Here she is in Foot-Behind-The-Head Pose.

Emma Watson

Actually Emma Watson is a certified yoga instructor, and has been for quite some time. Using the practice to balance out her busy schedule, this is one achiever that relies on her yoga practice! Here she is clasping her palms together in Anjali Mudra.

Orlando Bloom

Hatha practitioner and serious meditator Orlando Bloom practices regularly, always starting and ending with a bow and Namaste.

Drew Barrymore

Credit: hollywoodlife.com

It’s a family affair with this celeb. Practicing with her “mini” just like we all love to do! Check out Drew Barrymore practicing Salabhasana (Locust Pose) in her back yard.

Keep killin’ it at yoga yourself, yogis!


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