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Why Can’t I Come In Late To Yoga Class?

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I don’t get why this is such a big deal. Being late by just a few minutes usually results in my not getting into class or earning tons of evil looks. Why is this such a problem? Bella C.

The Answer

Different studios and different teachers all have their own particular policies regarding arriving late to yoga classes. Some don’t allow it at all, others within a certain time frame. First things first, I think the most important thing is that students respect the policy, whatever it may be.

We all have those days, no matter who we are, when we’re running late. We missed the bus, the dog took too long to go to the bathroom, etc. It happens. But when it starts to be a consistent thing, we have a problem.

Primarily, you’re disrupting your fellow students. Yes, yes, yoga is supposed to center you and keep you calm, so a person rolling out his mat next to you shouldn’t make you mad, but regardless, it’s rude. Making the time to walk into the studio just a few minutes earlier is a very simple way of letting your fellow yogis and teacher know that you are respectful of their time and presence.

Just imagine the perfectly time day: You get out of work early, make all green lights en route to the studio, sign in, get changed, roll out your mat, and are all “zen-ed” out for class. Your teacher starts talking you through a short meditation, and you are in complete bliss. Then the door opens. Then foot steps stomp over to your space. A mat is slapped down. The footsteps journey towards the door again, grab some props, then come creeping back towards you. Sounds kind of disturbing, no? If you can’t seem to let getting to class on time be a gift to yourself, at least let it be a gift to the people you’re sharing the space with.

Now, just like teachers, different students have their own opinions on late arrivals. But to put it simply, you won’t be harming anybody’s zen if you come in on time.

Additional Tips

Plan on getting to your yoga classes early. This will give you ample time to change, settle your mat, grab your props, and most importantly, chill. How often during your week are you able to just sit and be still and quiet? Most of us need this time to just be. To be with our minds and with our bodies. Allow your yoga practice to be a segment of your day that invites you to slow down and settle.

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