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Can You Have Tons Of Cash AND Be Yogic?

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Could you use a little more dosh, casholla, green stuff, paper, coin, that sweet sweet cheddar in your life? Do you sometimes find that you never have enough money, or that money drives you crazy, makes you feel frustrated, angry or hugely lacking?

MONEY. It’s a loaded topic teeming with emotional baggage, self-worth issues and marred by at least a few awkward past encounters that seem hard to shake.

And hold up! Does the idea of having a shit-ton of money seem like the exact opposite of being a solidly spiritual yogi? Like when you imagine yourself being hugely wealthy, and also a gorgeously shiny yogi, do you feel like that’s not even a remote possibility?

Does being a yogi mean you have to be financially modest – and maybe even poor – your whole entire life?

I don’t think so. Having money means you can take care of yourself first, which is totally necessary if you’re going to be any good to anyone else.

When I first started teaching, I felt bad about taking money from my students in exchange for something that seemed sacred and spiritual. But then again, being totally broke didn’t help me give in a way that felt grounded and open.

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t deserve tons of cheddar? 

At the same time though, imagine how much you could give the world if you didn’t have to worry about money! There’s a lot of value in assessing these big-ass questions, don’t you think?

Here are a few ideas to help bring more money into your life:

1. Ask & Believe

First, you’ve got to ask for what you want. You really do. This is a good rule for life in general and obvs, hugely pertinent to raking in the cheddar. Practice asking the universe (this can be in your diary, in your head or out loud to a pal) for what you want and need.

2. Recognise What You Already Have

Be grateful for everything you already have. See abundance in even the smallest of gestures and incoming funds. Pay attention to what comes in and what goes out and definitely stop hiding from your bank statements.

3. Give Freely & Without Expectation

If you have something to give, give it. Give that two dollars to someone playing music in the street or offer to help someone carry their bags. If you have a little extra money or effort to put back out into the world, do it. What you give freely, openly, and from a place of good health, you will get back for sure.

4. Believe You’re Worth it

Understand that you are worth it. You deserve great things. Put good out there and good will come back your way. If you think you’re shit and that you don’t deserve good things, chances are, that will come true. You mind is a powerful force even if you can’t exactly see how much of an impact it truly has.

What we often don’t recognise about moolah is that really, it’s all the juicy inside work (yoga, meditation) that helps to unlock the treasures of the outside world. And if this whole topic makes you quiver and think “OMG, this is blasphemous and spiritually corrupt” – I’m here to tell you babez, no it ain’t.

I don’t know you, where you come from or what your life is like, but I do believe if you’re committed to putting wonderfulness into the world, you deserve to get it back. Alongside love, companionship, happiness and sunny skies, one of the awesome things I wish you an abundance of in this life, is cold hard cash.

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