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What Can I Do About A Slippery Yoga Mat?

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This is driving me nuts! As soon as I start sweating a little bit, my yoga mat gets all slippery. What can I do about this? Gaby H.

The Answer

Hi, Gaby! First thing’s first: do not feel weird or gross or anything negative about this issue- I’m pretty sure it happens to everyone. Sweating is, more often than not, an inevitable part of a yoga practice, so no shame there.

From my own experience, the best way to prevent the crazy slipping and sliding is to find a mat that works for you. There are so many different types of mats out there that are made of different types of materials, and each person has a specific preference to what he or she likes. So, try out as many mats as you can get your hands on! I thought that one brand worked best for me, until I tried another, and alas, I’m in love.

If you’ve tried all the mats that you can, and still have a problem with slipping, I would suggest sampling a yoga towel. YogiToes and other brands make towels that fit perfectly to the length of your mat, and are specifically designed to soak up the sweat, if you will, keeping you from moving around (and they can keep your mat less smelly and more clean!).

The stronger you become, the easier it will be for you to hold the poses without falling all over the place. Those teeny muscles in your fingers and your toes are the most important, and will undoubtedly help you keep your grip. The more you practice, the less slippery your mat will become, so keep at it!

Additional Tips

Over time, and with a regular yoga practice, you may find that your sweating pattern may change. Personally, when I was first beginning a regular practice, I was a sweaty mess. As soon the teacher would give the first few instructions, I would be drenched. Now, I barely glisten. Your body may become more comfortable with the way you’re moving, and with a deep breathing practice, you may be able to regulate the way you react to the poses.

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