Real Talk: Cameron Diaz On Authenticity, Happiness, and Fame

Cameron Diaz is famous for her versatility. While most of us know her primarily from her rom-coms,  Diaz has also proven her acting chops in serious films like "Vanilla Sky" and "Being John Malkovich."

She's also a surfer, author, and yogi.  Unlike some celebrities, Diaz has managed to balance a fulfilling, active life with a successful career.

In this short clip, taken from an interview for the non-profit documentary "Human," Cameron Diaz shares her thoughts on the importance of staying true to yourself. She explains that lasting happiness is not found in fame, and that "Fulfillment comes from within you. From being authentic to yourself. "

It's often challenging to consistently act and speak in ways that go in accordance with our values, feelings, and needs. How do you stay authentic? Share with us in the comments!

Source: Hicham Bennir

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