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The Yoga Practice Makeover: Burn Fat and Get Toned in Just 10 Minutes a Day

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Gaining confidence in your own skin is born from holding yourself accountable to routines and decisions you make for yourself. This builds self-trust and in turn helps you feel more like the abundant being that you truly are.

With that in mind, set yourself the intention of doing this higher impact yoga-inspired fitness set for 10 minutes a day to see a difference in your confidence level.


Kick-start every morning with 1 tbsp lemon juice in 1 oz of room temperature water. Decide how you want your day to feel. Return to this decision as often as possible throughout your day. This mini ritual will help cleanse your system and create a positive mentality around everything you do.

Toning Up

Plank to get stuff started.

Start in plank pose for 5-10 breaths. On day one, keep it simple, perhaps even drop your knees for support. As the days continue, try lifting one leg 6 inches off the ground for 5 breaths and then switching sides or even add in mountain climbers (knee to elbow pulses).

Malasana for yoga butt

Stretch out in Down Dog then jump to squat and back to Chaturanga 5 times before landing in a deep yoga squat, Malasana, with your heels on the earth and your hips slightly lifted behind your hips. Hold for 3 breaths before slowly lifting to standing for 3 breaths and then coming down to 3 breaths (the slower you go, the more toning you will be doing in your legs and butt!).

Chair to High Lunge for toned legs

From standing, take Chair Pose for 5 breaths with your knees touching and your toes lifted to protect your knees. Concentrate on pulling your belly in and squeezing your thighs to touch.

Step one foot back to a high lunge. Drop the back knee down to barely tap the ground 5-10 times. As you tap your knee cactus your arms and as you lift back up raise your arms to the sky. Between sides hold Chair Pose again.

Fat Busting Bursts of Cardio

Standing Split switches for shapely arms.

From the last High Lunge nose dive down to a Standing Split. Plant your hands on the ground and stand on your tippy toes to lean the weight forward. On each exhale blow the air out sharply pulling your belly in and switch legs in the air 6-8 times over.

Dynamic Flow for controlled cardio

From Standing Split on your right leg, touch the left toes down at the back of your mat and come back up to a High Lunge before opening into Reverse Warrior 2 for a long inhale.

Exhale to come into Down Dog with your right leg bent in the air. Stack your hips open and inhale to thread that leg under the opposite ribs into Fallen Triangle. Repeat this Down Dog Dynamic Flow 5 times before stepping the second foot forward and rising to High Lunge to repeat on the second side.

Bear crawl for core, leg, and shoulder strength

Come to a table top position on your hands and knees, tuck your toes so you can lift your knees 1 inch off the floor leaving your shin bones parallel to the ground. Tighten your ribs in towards your navel and round your back to tuck your chin into your chest. Now, simultaneously step your right hand and foot forward, pulsing 5 times; repeat on the left side. Continue bear crawling up your mat keeping your shin bones parallel to the floor, finally finding Camel Pose to stretch out your hips and abdominal muscles.

Core Sets & Cool Downs

Reclined Eagle for toned tummies

Lay on your back in Eagle Pose and pulse your knees up to your elbows for 2 sets of 10 reps. Repeat on the second side then stretch out in a reclined twist.

Bridge lifts for a sculpted butt

Plant your feet in Bridge Pose and lift one foot to the sky. Rather then pulsing your hips up, squeeze your butt cheeks to lift your toes an inch higher. Repeat this pulsing 10 times on each side and follow with reclined pigeon pose or a twist.

Stick to your intention of 10 minutes a day even if your feeling tired or sore and need to slow it down or modify it – remember that holding yourself accountable is the strongest way to change how you see yourself. End each session with a few breaths in Savasana revisiting your intention and how you want your day to feel to level off any adrenaline before you go about your day.

Stay hydrated and eat healthy foods throughout your day and you’ll quickly see a difference in your energy level, confidence, strength, and muscle definition.

Go Get ‘Em Tiger!

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