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Boga Yoga – Why Yoga Makes Us Feel Lighter

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What did you do on this day when you were 5 years old, 10 years old, 15 years old? Can you enjoy any of those same things today?

Yoga helps us feel lighter. Even if you walk into class and don’t feel very playful, yoga still works to help soften our edges. After all, It is easy to take life too seriously. We all know of someone facing serious issues (job pressures, illness, family trouble) or maybe we’re facing these things ourselves.

Finding The Humor In Things

Yoga works to help us maintain our balance by having some fun on the mat through playful practice. This idea of Lila Tandava, “the playful dance of life” reminds us to find the humor in even the most ridiculous and most challenging poses on the mat—and ultimately off the mat.

As the performance artist of your own life, you get to use the palette of your own body and thoughts can use this human experience as a huge recreational playground by reconnecting to the kid inside your adult body.

Releasing The Love Hormone

If you're not doing something every day that brings you a sense of play, ask yourself, Why not? Enjoying pleasure is important to your mental and physical health. You can't be truly happy without pleasure. It's the catalyst for a series of biochemical reactions in your brain and body. Primarily, it is the release of the love hormone, oxytocin that brings radiance, fluidity, positivity, and an underlying sense of well being.

As we put ourselves in sometimes ridiculous pose shapes, we can learn how not to take ourselves too seriously. We play, we laugh at our efforts and it softens the hard edges. As we unwind our minds and the noise in our heads silences, we illuminate the joy that is always inside waiting to burn more brightly. As the playful inner light burns stronger, it quiets the voices that sometimes are overly critical. Through humor, we can delight and discover pleasure in even the direst circumstances

Boga Means Fun

The word for fun in Sanskrit is Boga. When we dedicate ourselves to Boga Yoga, we really recommit ourselves to fun in our lives. We can make part of every day Boga Boga Boga! As national yoga teacher Judith Lasater says, “Yoga practice is important but not serious. Practice is too important to be serious.”

I know it is not always easy and I am not talking about a Pollyanna experience. I am suggesting that we make a choice to not just survive, but to thrive in the ups and downs in our life! And the way to thrive is to play, to dance, to laugh, to practice Boga Yoga. Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

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