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BodyART Classes Combine Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and Cardio

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Forget SoulCycle and Zumba; there’s a new yoga-based fitness class that might be the next big gym trend. BodyART, an “Asian-inspired fusion” of yoga, Pilates, dance, and cardio fitness, according to Sport360, has been slowly gaining ground around the world.

Recently, it was introduced to the Middle East when Gold’s Gym started offering BodyART classes in the United Arab Emirates.

Tough Yet Restorative

This “tough yet restorative” workout was developed by Roger Steinbacher, a German with experience in both dance and therapy for special-needs children. Sport360 reports that he developed the program when he realized that many therapeutic exercises could also benefit people without physical limitations.

After adapting and enhancing them, BodyART was born.

In addition to the disciplines mentioned above, a typical session involves Tai Chi, functional training, and physiotherapy. Mountain climbers, squats, and planks might be featured, along with a “crazy” segment that’s basically a self-guided dance.

After these heart-pumping segments, BodyART attendees could find themselves going through a series of yoga poses followed by some Pilates moves, with lots of balancing exercises mixed in.

According to BodyART’s website, “Humans don’t need anything to get aware of themselves except themselves… Many people find themselves in an outer approach more easily: they need impulses like music, screaming, repetition numbers, choreography and group motivation…”

“When it comes to awareness and functional development, people need to learn to take over responsibility for their bodies again, to independently get to know yourself and to let someone guide you or train you (that is not only true for training, but for the whole existence).”

A Focus on Mind and Body

Much like yoga, integrating the mind and body is a major focus of BodyART.

It also concentrates on deep breathing, and its website claims that every exercise can be performed by anyone; as Steinbacher says, “If my granny can do it, then other grandmas and grandpas can do it, as well as other adults, teenagers, or children.”

Does BodyART sound like something you could get into, or do you prefer your yoga pure and unadulterated?

Image Credit: BodyART Training

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