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3 Amazing Benefits Of Yoga Inversions

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The majority of people go most of their lives without ever having their heart above their head, let alone being upside down, so the process of inverting the body can be scary to say the least.

However, if you have the opportunity to hang out with your feet over your head, you may find yourself impressed with the way inversions can make your body feel.

Note, however, that it's important to learn inversions in the presence of a knowledgeable yoga instructor and should for the most part be avoided by individuals with any kind of neck injury, low blood pressure, or eye disease. Like any other posture, it is important to listen to your own body while practicing inversions and only bring yourself to a place you feel comfortable going to.

Here are just 3 of the amazing benefits you'll get from practicing inversions.

1. Inversions Can Help Relieve Back Pain

One of the best advantages associated with inversions is the ability to relieve spinal pain, specifically due to poor posture and overall pressure put on the spine on a daily basis.

In many ways, the spine is the most important part of the body, and if you have ever experienced back pain you will know that it affects almost every aspect of movement in a person’s daily life.

Because inversions use gravity to pull the body in an opposite direction, inversions can have an incredible affect on spinal pressure relief as well as an affect on an individuals posture and overall pain level. Specifically postures such as “legs against the wall” or “shoulder stand” can be particularly beneficial in decreasing back pain.

2. Inversions Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

With heart disease being one of the most common killers in the United States, high blood pressure is a concern for a vast number of Americans both young and old. While high blood pressure can be genetically pre-disposed or induced by lifestyle, there are many ways to help bring high blood pressure levels down and inversions are one of them.

In an inverted position, gravity causes pressure to increase inside the blood vessels which counteracts the pressure of the blood pushing out on the vessel walls from inside of the body.

When inversions are introduced gradually it is possible in theory to strengthen the blood vessel wall muscles. This is done by challenging them to contract against pressure created through an inversion and in turn aids in the lowering of blood pressure in individuals suffering from high blood pressure issues.

3. Inversions Make You Happy

There are many different opinions out there as to how various practices can help relieve thoughts of depression or anxiety, and believe it or not, a practice filled with inversions is one of them.

It is believed by many yogis and medical professionals that the increase of blood circulation throughout the body during an inversion also increases the circulation of endorphins, most often tied to depression and anxiety. When the circulation of endorphins is increased, the brain has an easier time managing mood and hormone levels—making the symptoms of anxiety or depression decrease.

By maintaining an inverted position for a few minutes a day, an individual can help increase their endorphin circulation within their body which will in turn help with feelings of sadness and anxiety. On average, individuals who use inversions as part of a daily yoga practice find that they have an easier ability of staying positive and light hearted throughout the day.

What do you LOVE most about inversions? Share them with us below!

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