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Be a Dharma Detective: 5 Clues to Find and Follow Your Soul Purpose

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When you can connect with the deepest part of yourself for guidance, the part that has all the answers, then your path and purpose become much clearer.

You'll have a clarity of vision, a confidence about the work you do in the world, and a conviction of your message to the world, just by living the life you're meant to live.

We all have this guiding voice within — the same cosmic wisdom that guides the universe also guides each one of us. Dharma is that inner wisdom, which not only guides each individual, but also every other being on the planet.

So the purpose of becoming a Dharma Detective is to connect with your inner wisdom, and let it lead you on your path to peace, presence and purpose.

Becoming a Dharma Detective: What Are You Looking For?

What you want to be looking for are clues to finding your soul (Atma) and connecting with your soul – the place where your deepest wisdom comes from.

We all know we have it, but we can't seem to hear it when it speaks, or understand it when it says something. That's because we're trying to understand it using the language of the mind. But the language of our mind is not really suitable to understand what your soul is saying.

So what's the secret to understanding your soul's language? The secret of your soul, and in fact the universe itself, is Energy. Because your soul is a spark of the universal soul, if you can follow the energy trail, that's where you'll see the answers.

Clue #1 – Follow the energy trail.

Your soul's voice is always linked to positive energy. Start noticing what brings joy in your everyday life – even if your life feels utterly miserable right now, look for that one thing in your day that brings you joy.

It may be the few moments of quiet as you sip your morning coffee, or the bliss you feel when you completely give into playing the piano, or walking in nature, or whatever the thing is that you can totally get lost in.

Because once you start noticing what makes you smile, what makes you come alive, you'll start noticing more of those moments in your life. So follow that energy trail – it really is that simple. Whatever you invest your energy in comes alive.

Clue #2 – Let go of evidence that doesn't make sense.

This is part 2 of following the energy trail – which is to let go of anything that drains your energy levels.

Let go of any thoughts, activities, beliefs, behaviors or people that don't serve your soul's purpose. Notice which people drain your energy levels, and what activities suck the joy out of your life, and let them go.

This step might be the hardest part of the process for a lot of people because it brings up all kinds of fears, but it's crucial to finding and following your Dharma.

Only when you can let go of what doesn't serve you can you let in what your soul is seeking. Your soul is giving you clues for a reason – listen to them!

Clue #3 – Synchronicity leaves clues.

Another way to look for clues to your soul's voice is to start noticing patterns of synchronicity in your life. When the right person shows up to lead you through your next step, when the perfect book falls off a bookshelf, when the exact event in your dream shows up in real life.

Synchronistic events are clues from the universe that you’re on the right track. And when you notice those events and acknowledge them, it's your response to the universe that you're paying attention, and that you're in alignment with your path.

The universe will then bring you to your next steps; that's how this whole cycle of energy works! You follow your trail of energy, the universe understands the language of that energy, and it brings you more of what you're seeking.

Clue #4 – When Accidents Happen

When accidents happen, see them as signs of a wake up call! This might not be just something that happened to you – anything that jars you from the routine life that you're living, like someone's death, or a serious illness, or a minor accident – each of these is a wake up call!

As the poet John Donne says so eloquently, "never send to know for whom the bell tolls — it tolls for thee." It's always a wake up call for you.

Slow down, or even better – shut down everything else, and go within. Listen. Ask for guidance. Your soul always, always guides you through the next step.

When you’re not listening to your soul’s whispers, it will try to wake you up with a bang. So pay attention to accidents and illnesses – they might be telling you something.

Clue #5 – Ask questions.

Asking lots of questions is the mark of a good detective, and also of a spiritual seeker. When you feel fear come up, ask yourself where it's coming from, and why.

When you notice a limiting thought or belief that comes up, ask yourself what might have caused that thought or belief. When you feel jealousy or uncertainty, go deeper to figure out why you might be feeling that.

Most of your doubts and uncertainties come from your mind, based on its past experiences or past life experiences. So going deeper and asking questions like why, how, and where allows you to question the fear, or envy, or guilt, or whatever you maybe experiencing.

It's an incredibly rewarding experience to go within on your own inner journey to find and fulfill your soul purpose and mission for this life – your sacred Dharma.

Life after life, you come to answer the one question every human soul has – "who am I?", and get a little closer to the answer, while you learn your many life lessons. And each time, you reveal the answer a little bit more, take a step closer to your true Dharma, the journey becomes an exciting and an awakening experience.

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