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Awkward Yoga Moments

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There are countless things that happen in your yoga class that I’m sure have made you go, “Wow, thank goodness that didn’t happen anywhere else…” Here are a few that I think top the list of things you’d rather not have to be present for.

Hot For Teacher

It happens. And every once in a while you get that one person who thinks it’s acceptable to make really awkward advances, to which I have to say, “never gonna happen.” Here are a couple pick-up lines that you should go ahead and eliminate from your repertoire immediately. “Can you put your leg behind your head?” This question serves no other purpose than to asses my flexibility, which I can assure you, is information that will never be relevant to you in any context. “Maybe you can give me a private lesson some time *wink*.” Well, you’re right that I could, but I definitely won’t.

Someone Farts

In total truth, as a teacher, I could truly care less. I’m not offended, I don’t think anything different about you, and although corny but true, it’s natural so relax and get over it. A little gas never killed anyone!

Someone Farts & Then Apologizes

Now you had to go and make it awkward.

What Else?

What other awkward memories do you have from your yoga class?

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