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Are You ‘Good’ At Yoga?

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Someone asked me a question recently: are you good at yoga? I considered all three possible answers, with ‘yes’ seeming too rude and vain, ‘no’ being a little too self-conscious, and ‘I don’t know’ sounding as if I am not present when I practice yoga…and I sighed, wondering how to explain it.

To be honest, I have no idea if I’m good at yoga. I also have no idea if you or anyone else, like your yoga teacher, or another writer here, are “good” at yoga. The thing is: it is not the right question.

Why? Because first, you’ll have to talk about what this ‘yoga’ is that you are generally asking about. It is a blurry concept which everyone pictures differently. I may not be good at yoga from your perspective, while at the same time be the greatest yogini from someone else’s, simply because our views are so fantastically different.

Even more, I may not even do yoga from someone’s point of view (and yes, I heard that).

Don’t judge it.

For me, the key to yoga is nothing else but the variety of styles and the lack of rivalry. I was even surprised at how nice and supportive people are! It is not a contest, even if you think that definitely impossible arm balance you saw the other day deserves a gold medal. It is not a contest, even if you’ve just become an ‘intermediate,’ not ‘beginner’ practitioner in your yoga classes.

We ALL do yoga here. One way or another, with no one better than another—just like how it is with people themselves.

Ask yourself another question: are you good at your yoga? If you think about it, no one else is better than you in your yoga, which means you don’t have to compare and value yourself based on others, but to just live your yoga. If you feel you can be a better version of yourself – go for it! But don’t let comparison bring you down and make you resign from your dreams.

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by Isabelle Smetek –  Isabella is an 18-year-old Polish yogini, blogger, student, hair enthusiast and a writer. She does everything with a passion and is always striving to be a better person. Find out more about Isabella on her blog and connect with her on Instagram.

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