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Are There Any Risks With Ujjayi Breathing?

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The Question: Are there any contraindications for Ujjayi breathing (which I use throughout my Vinyasa practice)? – Carlos

The Answer:

One of the coolest things that yoga teaches us to do is to breathe. Ujjayi is probably the most commonly used and well-known pranayama practice. If you don’t know, this is the “conquering or victorious” breath that makes an ocean-like sound in the back of the throat. It’s done through the nose, with the mouth closed, and a constriction in the back of the throat.

Sometimes when people practice Ujjayi, they feel light headed or dizzy because of the tightening in the back of the throat. But really, other than that, it’s a safe practice for anyone.

Additional Information

The different pranayamas that yoga offers are so beneficial to our health and our happiness. They give us the opportunity to go a little deeper inside of ourselves, which is something that we all need these days. Take time to enjoy these practices, because really, how often do you take the time to just sit and breathe?

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