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An Introduction To Living Your Potential

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This is an introduction to DOYOU's new monthly blog Living Your Potential by Amarjit Singh.

Living Your Potential – Understanding the psychological blocks that prevent you from radiating your unique self.

How often do you feel frustrated because you know you could be accomplishing more than you are? Yet, it seems things are always getting in your way, steering you off your path, and holding you back from achieving what you know you are capable of – living your potential.

You become discouraged with your efforts, and self-doubt arises. Am I capable of more? Am I on the correct path? You feel a lack of direction and meaning in your life. This sensation is the main cause of depression and dissatisfaction. If it is persistent and strong enough it has a detrimental effect on your mental and physical well-being.

If the overwhelming feeling that you are not progressing on the right path toward your potential fills your life with misery, then the opposite must be true; Fulfilling your life’s purpose and moving toward your potential will fill your life with happiness.

My monthly blog Living Your Potential will explore everything related to living your potential: discovering and developing your path, moving toward your potential, and finding true and lasting happiness. These three aspects are directly related to each other, and all share a common attribute necessary in achieving them – free will.

In essence I will be talking about truly experiencing free will, because it is free will which helps you achieve your potential. Moving toward your potential is what brings you happiness, and finding your unique life purpose is the path that guides you there.

You feel that you are capable of having a better life. At times it even seems within reach; while at other times, it appears like a distant plane flying over you in the sky. If you have free will why do you continue living the same patterns? Think about all the possibilities that exist. What binds you to these patterns?

Currently, you are subjected to the fleeting impulses of the mind and the reactions to your emotions, consciously and unconsciously. These impulses and emotional reactions are part of a pattern. To learn how to truly enact free will, you need to understand what is preventing you – you need to understand the patterns in your life. Through understanding the psychological blocks that prevent you from radiating your unique self it will be easier for you to achieve your potential and find lasting happiness.

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