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Alchemy of Fire: The Solar Plexus

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The Fire Element known as Agni represents the energy of transformation or change. It has three forms: fire, the sun, and lightening. This is the element associated with the third chakra, our solar plexus.

The Solar Plexus

The Sanskrit name of the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, translates to "lustrous gem." Located between belly button and the bottom of the rib cage, it governs our intentions for emancipation, our right to act, our duty for self-definition, and our ego.

Color: Yellow-gold

Element: Fire

Sense: Sight

Healing Stones: Amber, topaz, citrine, yellow calcite, yellow jasper

Affirmation: “May I be able to honor myself, be how I am in the world, and express that power without fear.”

Mantra: “I am free.”

Fire personalities, whether you are a Pitta dosha or are born under the sun signs of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, are passionate, dynamic, enthusiastic, and expressive. Common emotions ruled by the fiery planet of Mars include happiness and humor.

You’ll know a fire person because they are joyful, warm-hearted connectors. Their inner essence shines out!

How Fire Transforms Us

Historically, the power of fire was in the hands of alchemists, who could take simple elements such as base metals and transform them into gold. Its story is part magic, mythology, and chemistry combined. In our lives, this power can impact us on a spiritual, physical, and mental basis.

Spiritually, fire can force us to face our fear in order to create dynamic change within our lives. It is positively expressed as inner strength and assertiveness. People who lack courage to take risks usually have a deficient third chakra; they are afraid to express themselves due to a scarcity of confidence.

A healthy fire person will assert themselves as who they really are.

Physically, fire governs our metabolism which could make it helpful if we want to lose five pounds. Bringing the fire of digestion (converting food into energy) might mean an increase in vitality and improve a sluggish metabolism. Or we can use it for more far reaching emotional or sensory changes.

Mentally and emotionally, fire cleanses and burns off the negative and lights the path forward so we no longer avoid change.

As Jon Kabat Zinn says about life, “it’s like the lottery, you got play to have a chance at winning.” Each day, we have a choice to show up or not. We have a constant opportunity to make decisions that guide our lives.

When we avoid what scares us, we turn over all our power to someone else. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about life when you lack the fire in your belly to make decisions.

I know this is not easy. The choices we make are bound to cause friction. The Alchemy of Fire gives us the courage to transform our lives and evolve into who we are meant to be! So nourish your third chakra, and enjoy the freedom from fear it brings.

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