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A Meditation to Connect the Third Eye and Heart Center

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For many of us, the 6th chakra, Ajna Chakra, or the third eye, is the most natural chakra to access. Meditating on this center can really take us into transcendent states of being.

If we can learn how to connect our third eye to our heart center, these subtle experiences of expanded awareness become more embodied and more available to us as we move through our daily lives.

Rather than always being so focused up in our heads, we can integrate the head and heart to become more present and aware in our relationships and in everything we do.

Let’s practice a brief meditation to connect these two centers.

A Meditation to Connect the Third Eye and Heart Center

Close your eyes and find yourself a comfy meditation seat. Become balanced on each sitz bone by rocking from side to side and then resting in your center. Make sure your knees are lower than your hips as you find your meditation seat.

As you inhale, sense that your bottom is grounding into the Earth. On a deep exhale, it’s as if your spine is growing longer. With a few deep inhalations and exhalations, allow the tension in your body to gently dissolve. Relax your belly and soften your eyes. Ask your shoulders to relax down from your neck.

Now, bring your awareness to the area just above your soft palette. This is known as the portal into the Ajna Chakra. You can imagine now that your inhalation is coming in through this Ajna Chakra. In this center, imagine a subtle space residing here. Bring this space to life by seeing a pale moon resting here, in your third eye. Continue to imagine the breath illuminating this moonglow with each inhale and exhale.

Now allow the breath to flow into this moon and then down into the region of your heart center. Feel the space here begin to open as the breath then flows from the heart, up and outward through the soft glow of the moon in your third eye. Again, the inhalation comes in through your third eye and down into the heart center. It’s as if a channel is allowing the breath to flow freely in between the two centers.

Imagine a tiny flame illuminating your heart center, just as the tiny moon glows in the subtle space of your third eye.

Now begin to silently chant the bija mantra “Ah.” This vibration, “Ah” travels with the breath, flowing back and forth between your forehead and your heart. Rest with this “Ah” sound for several moments, as you imagine each of the two chakras continuing to open and awaken.

Coming Out of Meditation

Wen you’re ready to come back, allow the eyes to open. Bring your hands into prayer position at your third eye. Pause, and then bring your hands in prayer position to your heart center. Bow to your own divinity.

Did you try this meditation? How did it work for you? Share with us in the comments below!

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