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A Guide to Yoga for Runners

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A lot of people combine their yoga practice with physical activities (and vice versa), and running is by far one of the favorites because many also experience running as a moving meditation.

So if you or your friends love how yoga and running complement each other, read on and check out these articles we put together to give you all the tips and insights you need on yoga for runners. Let’s kick things off with this awesome yoga video…

Yoga for Runners (VIDEO)

Yoga can be the perfect complement to your running routine. Click play, watch, and learn a sequence of poses especially beneficial for runners. Read more…

Speed Up to Slow Down How Running Changed My Yoga Practice

How Running Changed My Yoga Practice

Yoga and running are no longer two separate hobbies I am addicted to, but two physical practices constantly evolving and inspiring one another, keeping me grounded. Read more…

Running and Yoga

4 Reasons Yoga Is Great For Runners

Runners who practice yoga on a regular basis are much more likely to stay injury-free than runners who do not add yoga into their training routine. Read more…

Top 5 Yoga Poses for Runners

Top 5 Yoga Poses for Runners

Adding these yoga poses to your regular stretching or yoga routine will help counteract the specific tight spots that running can create, and help you develop deeper core strength. Read more…

Attention Runners Heres Why Yoga Can Be Great Pre-Marathon

Attention Runners: Here’s Why Yoga Can Be Great Pre-Marathon!

Many of us aren’t aware that yoga can be a terrific tool for long distance runners, especially as they head into the final month of preparation. Read more…

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