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9 Yoga Poses And Mantras For Happiness

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What is the ultimate goal of life?

Perhaps the great philosophers of our time are better equipped to answer that question, but in my humble opinion it is simply to be happy.

The aim is to make happiness your neutral point – your starting point for each and every day. Choosing happiness from the moment you wake up, rather than feeling that it is something that you have to achieve.

Life can throw a lot of curveballs our way along this journey of life. Our paths change, jobs are lost, hearts break, we lose people close to us, and we can lose our direction in this ever-evolving landscape. However, if we can find a way to be happy at our core through all of this, then I truly believe that we can find our inner peace.

Happiness Is Your Birthright, So Claim It

Choosing happiness requires us to be present. We can either choose to lose ourselves in fear, anger, or even despair, OR we can decide to smile and think positively and attract all of that wonderful positivity back into our lives and practice gratitude instead!

Learn to realize how invaluable that choice is each morning when we wake up. One simple choice that can change the whole shape of your day!

Be one of the people that decide to become all they can be, to enjoy everyday, and make the most out of life and really truly live it, and not just exist within it.

Create Your Own Happiness

Often in our relationships, and other areas of our lives, we find ourselves relying on someone else to make us happy. Some of us are guilty of waiting for a special someone to enter our worlds in order to be happy at all.

The sad thing about these “I will only be happy if…” statements is that they equate to a whole lot of waiting and not allowing yourself to fully live in the present moment. Instead, know that WE are the creators of our own happiness and as such, we are the only ones really, truly, responsible for that happiness.

Choose Yoga

The peace and happiness we access on our mats is no accident.

Although many write it off as just another exercise-induced dopamine high, yoga goes deeper than that. The mind-body connection created in yoga is thought to facilitate change at a cellular level.

When we weave positive intention into our movements, we are imprinting these thoughts, not only on our minds, but also on our bodies. We are effecting change on our mat that will allow for change off our mat.

Much of our unhappiness comes from our thoughts or feelings because we judge our experiences in terms of good or bad. Not only does a full practice of yoga and meditation gently remove these self-judgments, but with time, it can begin to reshape our attitudes, views, and thoughts.

Yoga Poses for Happiness

Try these playful yoga poses to boost your energy and create a lighter, happier you:

1. Cat-Cow Poses

cat-cow pose

Use cat and cow pose to calm the constant fluctuations of the mind and relax your nervous system, and create gentle movement through the body, inviting the flow of positive energy through your body.

Mantra: “I will find joy in my journey today.”

2. Warrior II Pose

warrior 2

Use this pose to release stress and tension, and remind yourself that you can stand strong, that you are invincible and amazing in everything that you do!

Mantra: “I am in charge of how I feel, and today I choose happiness.”

3. Dancer

Dancer Pose

This beautiful pose just oozes with grace and elegance, and feelings of lightness and happiness, while at the same time literally releasing tension in the hips and opening up the heart.

Mantra: “I welcome freedom, energy and lightness.”

4. Goddess Pose

Credit: Anna Coventry Credit: Anna Coventry

Let this energizing and empowering pose remind you that you’re completely in charge of your own happiness.

Mantra: “I am a strong, confident yogi/yogini and invite only love and happiness.”

5. Crow Pose

Crow-Pose-Yoga Credit: Jaclyn Nguyen

This kickass pose can’t fail to bring a smile to your face when you master it. Build focus, strength and concentration while calming your mind.

Mantra: “I welcome balance, strength and happiness.”

6. Wheel Pose

Full Wheel

Backbends are proven to release endorphins. The deep opening through the front of the body helps to relive stress and energize the body.

Mantra: “Open heart and open mind to all that comes my way.”

7. Pigeon Pose

Credit: Julia Lee Credit: Julia Lee

Create space for all of the positivity and happiness that you welcome as you say goodbye to any tension that you may be holding in your hips.

Mantra: “Be happy, be bright, be you.”

8. Headstand


Look at life from a fresh perspective as you feel the blood flow throughout your entire body, filling your day with positive energy.

Mantra: “I will do more of what makes me happy.”

9. Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Credit: Julia Lee Credit: Julia Lee

We live in a crazy busy world, so use this pose to remember how important it is to be able to find calmness and stillness.

Mantra: “I deserve happiness and positivity.”

Yoga asks one simple thing of us: To show up in mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga doesn’t just lift our spirits. It lifts our lives. It opens our eyes to the essence of who we are, and therein lies peace and happiness.

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