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9 Must-Have Songs For Your Morning Yoga Playlist

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Why do so many yogis start their day with a morning yoga practice? Well, among the many reasons is that mornings make us feel fresh, new, bright, and full of possibility—making it an ideal time for your yoga practice. I find that starting my day with yoga helps me to ground myself, clear my head, and approach my day with gratitude and patience.

Having the perfect playlist can take your morning yoga practice to the next level. Personally, I like to start things slow in the morning and build up to more upbeat songs that inspire and energize me. If you want to build your own morning yoga playlist but need ideas or a little help to get started, here are some of my "must-play" songs for a morning practice.

Waking Up

Start slow in the morning to slowly stretch stiff muscles and joints and bring life and breath back to the body.

1. "Let’s Be Still" by The Head and the Heart

Credit: The Odyssey Online Credit: The Odyssey Online

A reminder to find stillness and turn within with guitar and drums that will gently encourage a steady breath as the song progresses.

2. "Om" By Hippie Sabotage


This song starts off slow with a melodic beat to encourage breath. As it builds, so too can your movements. By the end, vocals and building instrumentals will have you ready to start your practice.

Get Flowing

With breath flowing, the next step is to fully wake up the body. These songs will inspire you to get moving.

3. "Follow the Sun" by Xavier Rudd

follow the sun

This tune brings in a steady drumbeat to encourage intention in your as you start to create movements in the body. It plays off the ideas of nature that provide intention and encouragement for the day.

4. "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles

beatles abbey road

A classic that continually encourages me to look for the best in every situation and see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s an ideal way to create a positive mindset for the day ahead. With its upbeat melody, you can start to flow through your morning yoga practice.

5. "A Head Full Of Dreams" by Coldplay

a head full of dreams coldplay

At this point, you will likely be at the peak of your practice and ready to go for some more challenging or energetic poses. This song makes you feel that anything is possible, and even makes it impossible not to smile while you flow.

6. "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison

van morrison into the mystic

Now that you’ve reached the fullness of your practice, it’s time to start taking it back down to the mat. Into the Mystic is a journey into what's ahead. For me, it’s a reminder to let go of the need to control the outcome, and that there’s always more to come.

Let It Sink In

Now that you've cultivated a little heat, focus, and optimism, let those benefits sink in so you can reflect and carry that mindset through your day.

7. "River" by Leon Bridges

Credit: Beatport Credit: Beatport

A smooth, steady song full of soul and reminiscent of a simpler time. This song will help take that heartbeat down and turn your gaze inward.

8. "Creating a Dream" by Xavier Rudd

Credit: SideOneDummy Records Credit: SideOneDummy Records

Sometimes, all you need in the morning is a reminder that you are worthy of making your dreams come true. If you feel like you're lacking the inspiration to keep going, this is the song for you. It encourages patience, perseverance, and reflection.

8. "Leaf off/ The Cave" by Jose Gonzalez

Credit: Pitchfork Credit: Pitchfork

“Let the light lead you out”, the song repeats. I love to listen to this song as I lay in Savasana and visualize the light that is always there to lead me through each day.

Listen to this playlist and you’ll be guided though an uplifting, inspiring, and motivating 40-minute morning yoga practice. With the right tunes, you can easily create a foundation for a day that is met with a more positive attitude, clarity, and gratitude.

What's in YOUR morning yoga playlist? Share your favorites and recommendations below!

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