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8 Ways Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

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Yoga is like a friend, with benefits. And one of those benefits is that it can help improve your sex life. The truth is, any type of yoga will help so while you may think you need to sign up for tantric sex classes with Sting, you don’t. But you do need to get on the mat.

So forget about the fake headache, put down that cup of tea and read how yoga can help with your horizontal social life.

1) Improve Spinal Health

Yes, stiffness in the bedroom can be a positive thing, but not when it’s in your back. Muscle tension and poor spinal health can seriously impede performance but the good news is that yoga can help by releasing tension in the back muscles and helping to restore the natural curvature of the spine.

2) Build Strength

We all know that a bit of muscular strength goes a long way and there’s nothing like a regular Ashtanga or Vinyasa practice to strengthen the upper body and prevent those mid hump arm wobbles!

3) Increase Flexibility

Frankly, tight hamstrings and stiff hips can get in the way of how we bump ugly’s. Yoga postures can help to increase the flexibility of many major muscle groups, which can result in a greater range of movement between the sheets. As an added bonus, some of the postures actually help to lubricate the joints (which can help to prevent those inopportune hip cramps that can happen in the heat of the moment).

4) Shift Energy

On an energetic level, Muladhara the (ahem) root chakra, and Swadhistana the sacral chakra, relate to our instinctive sexual urges and our sexuality. These two energy centres can become blocked quite easily so practicing yoga postures that activate these chakras will help free up and move stagnant energy that can be put to use elsewhere. Try Warrior 1 and 2 and Wide Legged Forward Bend for Muladhara and Standing Forward Bend and Cobra for Swadhistana.

5) Build self-confidence & body image

Yoga postures help to keep the body strong, toned and healthy. Because of this, they can help us achieve our weight and body shape goals, particularly the more dynamic styles of yoga. This can help give us a stronger body image and increased self-confidence – both of which can result in an increased libido.

6) Process Emotions

Yoga teaches us to let go of things like anger, frustration and jealousy and invite in emotions that actually serve us in a positive way. This can be a huge help in our romantic endeavors as, let’s be honest, if you’re pissed off with your partner you’re not likely to want to jump into bed with them. Yoga and meditation help us to process our emotions better which can help us feel lighter, happier and more inclined towards playtime.

7) Clear The Mind

Stress can reduce our libido and stand in the way of a healthy sex life. Clearing the mind and reducing stress through meditation and relaxation also has a positive effect on the physical body which can help to ‘perk things up’ and get the love train back on track.

8) Feel Love

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion and Bhakti practices such as Kirtan chanting can invoke deep feelings of love. While the purpose behind these practices is spiritual in nature, the energy and emotions that are generated can linger, helping you feel closer to your partner and ignite some bedtime bonding.

So there you have it. More great reasons to get on the mat!

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