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8 Ways to Stay in Love with Your Yoga Practice

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We've all been there: the yoga slump. You had a good thing going for a while, but then one day, you just fall off the yoga wagon.

But don't worry! There are ways to stay in love with your yoga practice, even if you're not currently hitting the mat with the regularity you once did.

Here are 8 ways you can stay in love with your yoga practice and keep it alive.

1. Know That You Will Go Through Phases

As with every relationship in life there will be ups and downs, highs and lows. Yes, you will fall out with your practice, but then you will fall back in love with it like never before, so don’t judge these phases. Just go with the flow and allow the journey of yoga to unfold.

Just never, ever give up.

2. Take the Time to Really Get to Know Yoga

You’ll find there is so much more to it than you ever imagined. Explore the Eight Limbs, delve into the Sutras, learn the myths behind the asanas, and discover mantras, mudras, and meditation.

The more you get to know yoga, the more you’ll fall in love.

3. Allow Your Practice to Support You

There will be times when you just really feel like you have too much going on and not enough time to practice, and it’s in these times that you need yoga the most.

My mat is a place I’ve laughed, cried, collapsed, celebrated, rejoiced, despaired, and found the answers time after time. No matter what is going on, allow yoga to be a support and guide for you. You will never regret getting on your mat.

4. Keep the Magic Alive

In the times you start to feel your passion dwindling, remember what it was that first brought you to yoga. What are your first memories of those early days when yoga changed your life and you could have spent all your time together?

Maybe go back and revisit your first studio or teacher to reignite your passion and remind you of all the reasons that you fell in love in the first place.

5. Acknowledge How Far You Have Come

Quite often all we are worried about is not being as good as the person next to us on the mat, so we miss out on all of our own personal breakthroughs.

Take the time often to track your practice and notice the smallest changes, as they are what will enable you to build to the bigger, more challenging things eventually.

6. Keep Working on Something That Seems “Impossible”

I am the first to say that yoga is not all about asana and fancy poses, but it often helps to keep working towards something to keep your practice fresh and exciting.

Over time, with patience and dedication, yoga has a magical way of making the “impossible” become possible. Just be warned that once you “achieve” one pose, ten more appear that all want to be the next!

7. Keep Going to Classes and Workshops

This is where we gain more inspiration, ideas, and get to share in the beautiful community that yoga offers us.

Practicing in a room with others, sharing in a collective breath and journey is quite unlike anything else! You’ll come away feeling revitalized, and with a few more yoga friends to share in your journey.

8. Put the Effort In

A relationship, any relationship, will only work if you both put in equal effort; you have to meet yoga halfway. You can’t expect hearts, flowers, and huge changes if you’re not showing up.

Keep showing up to your practice honestly and with an open heart, and let yoga in to make the biggest difference in your life.

I hope these tips inspire you to make yoga your Valentine this year. Let me know what you and yoga do to celebrate your love or any other ways you have found to keep the love of your practice alive in the comments below!

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