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8 Reasons to Try Solo Adventures Now

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I very much enjoy adventuring with family and friends, and I look forward to the day when I find a future travel-loving partner to frolic around the world with.

However, there is just something about adventuring by yourself. It's enjoyable, rejuvenating, meditative, and sometimes even life-changing. I could go on and on with a list of adjectives, but below are eight reasons why you should consider adventuring solo.

1. Planning is Less Daunting

Think about it, you only have you to worry about. You don't have to worry about other peoples' multiple interests, food choices, and whatever.

Plus you get to have room for flexibility when something doesn't go as planned — you don't have to worry about peoples' varying moods and reactions to last-minute changes!

2. No One to Test Your Patience

No children crying for new toys at a gift shop and no embarrassing adults snapping at your waitress. No one's waiting on you, and you're not waiting on anyone for anything. Sounds perfect right?

However, your patience with yourself will be tested when unexpected events arise. Traffic. A long wait at a restaurant while your stomach is growling. People in your way when you're reading descriptions next to paintings. You truly find out what really makes you tick and what doesn't.

You probably already know those, but they seem to intensify during your solo adventures and you will really become aware of them and learn how to deal them.

3. Go Slow or Fast — Your Choice

Mornings are rough, and some of us like to take our time getting ready. When you're traveling with loved ones or friends, you have to be mindful of their time, too.

Often times, I find myself rushing during solo trips because I'm used to traveling with families or in big groups. And when I find myself rushing during a solo trip, I have to take a step back and ask, why? I usually don't make any reservations and those attraction spots aren't going anywhere within the next hour, so I have to remind myself that I can slow down.

But if you're naturally fast-paced all the time, then no one can give you a hard time about it, either.

4. You Get to Eat Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want

Enough said. Go ahead and have that must-have pizza or gelato in town twice…or more. You don't know if you're ever going to return there!

5. Become Your Own GPS

You don't necessarily have to go back to high school geography, but getting a general sense of direction is really helpful once you arrive in an unfamiliar place.

Really get to know your new short-term environment…you may just discover some hidden gems TripAdvisor didn't tell you about! And remember, you're solo — there is nobody to get mad at you for taking that wrong turn.

Bonus: If you decide to re-visit the same place in the future, you now have some sort of mental map to guide you.

6. You Think on Your Feet

Sure, two (or more) brains are better than one, but not when all those brains are on panic mode. It is very hard to problem-solve when you have multiple people stressed out at the same time who can't think straight at the moment.

Being alone allows you to literally stop in your tracks and think things through. Not a bad way to sharpen your problem-solving skills!

7. Teaches You to be Mindful

This is not merely looking at something for five seconds, snapping a photo, and then walking away from it. Or just doing something just because it's the thing to do.

I'm talking about being mindful about the way that local scrumptious crab cake sandwich is melting in your mouth. The way you're looking at that painting by Dali. How you're feeling when you're walking through a hiking trail. How you're speaking to the valet boy. I think you get the picture.

You get to really, truly observe and experience the world around you without judgement.

8. Re-ignite Your Motivation and Curiosity

Adventures in general expose you to so many new experiences, opening your eyes, mind, heart, and soul. You can truly reflect on your solo adventures as your own experience without the added "it would've been better if"-type opinions from others.

Adventuring solo makes you focus and really pay attention to whatever is in front of you. This allows you to get inspired in so many ways, such as studying or trying new things, like a new recipe, painting class, or maybe even gardening!

Have you gone on some solo adventures? Share your experiences or tips below!

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