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Adventures at Home: 7 Travel Bug Cures

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Like many people, we daydream of going to many places around the world. And for those of us who have been to some parts of the world, the sickness we acquire through the travel bug becomes worse, probably even chronic.

There are times where travel is feasible, but many times, school, work, or other obligations just do not allow us the luxury to get up and go as we please. So what’s a person infected with the travel bug to do?

Here are just some of the different ways to (temporarily) cure it in your hometown/state:

1. Travel in Time With a Book

The possibilities are endless — you can even travel to outer space, the Himalayan mountains, or the French countryside. Books have a way of transporting us to places we’ve never been before, people we’ve never seen before, and emotions we’ve never felt before.

The best part is that we can do this in our pajamas, snuggled up on the couch or bed with a nice cup of tea or other beverages of your choice.

2. Explore Different Eras Through Art

Museums preserve some of the most intriguing histories this wonderful world has been through. They showcase the way artists express themselves and how they see the world through their lenses. Many museums hold different exhibits throughout the year, so there’s bound to be something that will catch your attention.

And if art is not your thing, there are all sorts of museums ranging from science museums, automobile museums, and even sandcastle museums!

3. Taste a Country in Different Restaurants

If you were ever curious about dishes from the other side of the world, home is the place to do so! Think of it as a test run before going to the actual country. And if you’re lucky, you might even feel like you’re in a different country. 

I recently went to a Thai restaurant with a friend. This restaurant is located in a commercial plaza, so I would always pass by it and never thought much of it. But when my friend and I walked in… wow!

I don’t know if Thailand looks like what we experienced, but it certainly did not look like Florida. It definitely added something extra while we enjoyed our delicious food.

4. (Re)connect with Nature Through National Parks

Or just a park in general, where you can be surrounded by the trees and chirping birds. National parks have designated trails where you can go hiking, feel the wind, and just totally get lost (safely) and re-connected with nature.

Some beaches are also part of national parks, which offers different activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, or jet-skiing. All of these can also serve as your staycation, and what better way to relax than lay on the beach, feel the sun on your body, and hear the sound of the waves?

5. Hear a Culture Through Live Music

There are many cultural festivals nowadays, and you can bet that performers from across the globe will be present. Even if you can’t understand the language, you may just find yourself swinging to the rhythm of the beat and then possibly find yourself fully immersed in Bollywood or salsa dancing with complete strangers!

And speaking of salsa, many dance clubs also play a variety of music from across the world nowadays. Yoga studios often have events that feature traditional Indian music and dances.

Google these things, grab a friend, and learn something new!

6. Literally Just Go to Another Country

“Little” countries, that is. Many cities have Chinatown, Little Italy, and just clusters of towns that have some sort of different cultural influences to it. These are your one-stop local destinations where you can find restaurants, shops, festivals, and just neat little hole-in-the-wall places that turn out to be such an adventure.

Some of these places also tend to look different from where we live, which is always cool for picture purposes!

7. Try Something New, and Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Ever wanted to have a shot at pottery? Perhaps do a Segway tour of your city? Or ride a hot air balloon?

Like I said on a previous section, Google these things. Many of my friends often ask “Where did you find this place?” or “How did you even find that class?” The Internet sometimes gets a bad rap, but it can literally take you to different places, for free or for at least much cheaper!

Adventuring at home will sometimes make you realize “wow, I never knew I had this all along,” and it’s going to make you go back to that place and appreciate it even more. You might also connect with interesting people along the way, who may or may not permanently become a part of your life but that’s okay! Sharing adventures with strangers (again, in a safe manner) is sometimes what makes it an adventure!

Try and see if some of these ideas can temporarily ward off the travel bug before going off on your next big adventure!

What are your travel bug cures? Share in the comments below!

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