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8.5 Reasons Why Life Is More Bitchin’ With Yoga

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1. The Glow

Everything in life becomes more radiant when you practice yoga. It’s like the lights had been dimmed down before and you didn’t even realise there was a dimmer switch on the wall. When you practice yoga, luminosity starts to spill into every corner of your life. People, places, daily happenings, drinking a coffee – everything starts to vibe with a whole new level of brightness. You can see it all so clearly.

2. Shit’s So Much More Chill

Things that used to get you irked or situations that made you cringe, stopped being so impactful. You’re less bothered by traffic jams, late bills or a missed phone call. When someone else is irritated, you’re less likely to hop on board and ride the angry train. You’re so much calmer, cooler and collected. You’re basically a cucumber.

3. Your Body Fits

There’s this feeling that comes with the practice of yoga; your body starts to expand and open and lengthen and strengthen. You start to feel at home inside of your own skin. You even start to like and love the precious gift that is your body. Yoga teaches you to move in ways you never even imagined possible. Your body becomes your miracle machine.

4. Food Matters

Eating becomes this holy event where you get to nourish your body, mind and soul. If you’re like me, before yoga you didn’t really know much about clean eating. But once you started to dive deeply into your practice, it somehow permeated all levels of your life. Choosing happy, healthy food became a big ol' yogic deal.

5. You’re The Nicest

You care about people and their wellbeing. You care about them because nowadays, you genuinely care about yourself. Yoga has helped you to love yourself and in turn, you truly love others and want the best for them. This amazing gooey love cycle of gratitude, compassion and friendliness just keeps getting more powerful.

6. When Stuff Sucks, You Thrive

You’ve got a new perspective now. When things fall apart or get kind of messy, you don’t get as lost. You’re stronger and clearer than ever before. You see the impermanence in all things and are able to sink into emotions, using your breath and the power of acceptance to heal. Stinky situations are so much less stinky.

7. Happiness Sandwich

You’re generally so much happier than you’ve ever been. Come to think of it, happiness has become your default setting. There’s this overriding sense of contentment in your life and even when you do have glum days, you know they won’t last forever. Your happiness comes from the inside out and there’s something so unshakable about this.

8. You’re Totes Tapped In

Yoga has made you see just how connected you are to other people, animals – to the whole world, really. You’re more intuitive than you’ve ever been and you’re way more empathetic and understanding too. You’re connected into the wifi of the cosmic universe. It’s rad.

8.5. You’re A Hero

Without getting all ego-wild, you help people simply by showing up and being yourself. Yoga has taught you to sink into who you are and to be content with where you are in your life. Your joy, it’s infectious. Other people want to dive into yoga just because of the example you set. It’s all rather win-win, isn’t it?

Image Credit: Katya Nova

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