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7 Ways Yoga Can Find You the Love of Your Life

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Yoga is a powerful practice with its benefits extending further than what happens on your mat or meditation cushion. Yoga introduces you to things that were previously unknown to you and opens your eyes to so much more that were right in front of you but never noticed.

Yoga can do more than just give you a fit body or a calm mind; it can even help you to find the love of your life. You may be rolling your eyes right about now, but I implore you to read on and discover how yoga can change you in ways that you didn’t even think was possible.

7. It Can Introduce You To Someone Like-Minded At A Yoga Event

In the gym, at a studio, at a yoga festival, workshop, conference or a meditation center, yoga opens the door to so many gatherings of like-minded people. Maybe you’ll meet your soul sister/brother or perhaps even a potential love interest as the two of you sweat, laugh, cry and play side-by-side on your mats or meditation cushions.

Whatever the event or location, yoga joins us together as conscious movers, mindful meditators, and believers of something special and powerful. Joining and sharing in that energy is a love in and of itself and the people that you may meet at these gatherings can be truly special and unique characters.

6. It Will Alter Your Connection To Your Breath

Yoga is all about the power of prana (or life force energy). Breath is the ultimate prana. It is quite literally what keeps us alive. It is also the only autonomous function of the body that we also have the power to consciously control, and that is an incredible power.

Yoga will teach you to fall in love with your breath as you focus your attention and energy on this vital force of the body. Learning to control your breath can drastically affect your mood, energy and life. Fall in love with your breath and watch your world transform.

5. It Will Teach You Intention

Intention is powerful. What you send out tends to return back to you. Whether you refer to this as the laws of karma, the rules of physics, or simple cause and effect, it is undeniable that intention holds strong value.

Yoga teaches you to place emphasis and focus on intention. Yoga invites you to set intentions for both your practice and for your life and to work toward bringing these intentions to life. This influential energy is meaningful and, with time, will become very meaningful to you.

4. It Will Introduce You To Your Practice

Your practice is a sacred space with no judgments. It is the one place and time that you are truly allowed to be yourself in every way, shape and form. You can cry, sing, or laugh if you feel like it. You can wrap yourself into a ball and listen to the sound of your breath, or you can sweat and sweat to release stress and tension.

Your practice is a sacred space, and once you learn this simple fact, you will fall in love with it. As a lifelong, continuous practice, the very practice of yoga may quickly become one of the major loves in your life from now until forever.

3. It Will Teach You To Love Your Body

Yoga teaches self-acceptance in every way. That patch of cellulite you hate? Yoga says to not only accept it but also embrace it. Your flabby tummy? Love every inch of it. Yoga will radically change the way you view and speak about your body in every way.

You will learn to appreciate your body for the incredible things that it does for you and you will cherish every “flaw” that may exist on or within it. Yoga creates a powerful bond between your mind, body, and soul that will teach you self-love.

Your body is the only temple you are given to live in during this lifetime. When you practice yoga, you will meet this great temple with love and respect. You have a lifetime to share with this one body, so the sooner you start loving it, the better.

2. It Will Open Your Eyes To A Divine Force

Whether you believe in God or the universe or the power of love, yoga introduces you to some force of energy (in whatever form it may take for you) that exists all around us and within us.

A great love story already exists between you and this divine power/energy/force; yoga simply teaches you how to apply this beautiful relationship to your life and how to fall in love with this divine spirit that exists within yourself.

1. It Will Introduce You To Yourself

Your greatest love story of all time is your relationship with yourself. How you measure your relationship with anyone else is a direct reflection of how you relate to yourself. So if you’re looking to find the love of your life, you better start by loving you.

Yoga will introduce you to your deepest self and teach you to love, cherish and accept yourself exactly as you are in this moment. Yoga teaches you that you are enough…better yet, more than enough.

Yoga teaches you self-care, self-appreciation, and self-love. The practice introduces you to your inner most self, to the very core of your being and then shows you how to love that core inside and out, with every flaw and imperfection included.

Yoga will awaken you to yourself and to your own divine power. The practice is a sacred dance between your ego and your divine energy and when you surrender to the latter, yoga will find you the one true love of your life: your beautiful and complete self.

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