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7 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Next Business Meeting

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Let’s face it. No one enjoys meetings at work. For many of us, the word “business meeting” is synonymous with boredom, frustration, and even drowsiness. But if you’re having trouble staying focused or staying awake during your meetings, you’re in luck! Meditation can help.

Whether you’re dreading your next conference or can’t shake the nerves that come with leading one, meditation can improve your next business meeting for everyone. Here’s how.

1. Meditation can help with a better night’s sleep, so you’re less likely to nod off.

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No amount of coffee can make up for consistently poor sleep. Insomnia is often caused by stress and anxiety in your daily life. If you can’t seem to turn off your thoughts before bed, meditation can help you relax your mind and body, so you’re less likely to start drooling when your boss goes on a long, boring tangent.

2. Shut off the “monkey mind” to improve active listening.

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Every meditator has encountered the “monkey mind,” where your thoughts swing from one topic to another seemingly beyond your control. For many, that monkey mind doesn’t shut off even when we try to focus on what other people are saying. If you find yourself struggling to remember what your coworker said, meditation can help you really listen instead of focusing on what to say next.

3. Learn to let go of frustration (even when your coworker won’t stop talking).

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Every office has one: that windbag coworker who takes up half the time in the meeting going on about something unimportant. If you find yourself wanting to tear your hair out when Mr. Windbag takes the floor, meditation can teach you techniques to manage that frustration so it doesn’t linger throughout the day.

4. Stay calm during conflict, especially when you’re being singled out.

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We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t mess up once in a while. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, dysfunctional bosses or coworkers can be quick to point fingers, and nothing feels worse than being chastised for a mistake in front of the whole team.

You can’t control the behavior of others, but you can control your own. Meditation helps us stay calm during conflict, and teaches not to let mistakes decrease our feelings of self-worth.

5. Organize your thoughts to plan better presentations.

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Does the prospect of giving a presentation make you so nervous that you can’t even figure out what to say? Meditation can help with that. A regular meditation practice improves overall focus, but making sure to meditate before sitting down to plan your presentation can clear your mind, so it will be easier to organize your thoughts.

6. Manage nerves when you’re in the spotlight.

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Here it is, the moment you’ve been dreading: you’re standing at the front of the conference room and everyone is waiting for you to get started. Your palms start to sweat, your hands feel shaky, and worst of all, it seems like everyone knows how nervous you are.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Practicing managing powerful emotions through regular meditation can calm those shaky nerves, so you can totally rock your next meeting!

7. Use mantras to boost your confidence.

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Nerves aren’t the only obstacle to leading a successful business meeting. If you’re not feeling confident about what you have to say, your presentation could become unfocused, and the meeting could easily get off-track.

In the days leading up to your presentation, practice a confidence-boosting mantra that will help you feel more self-assured, even if it’s something as simple as “I will be successful.” Even better, use your meditation time to visualize your success. It’ll make all the difference when meeting time comes!

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