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7 Things Healthy People Do Differently

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Healthy isn’t just physical. It is emotional too. Healthy people do specific things differently, and we don’t just mean they go to the gym regularly and eat right.

Healthy people seem to live life with more confidence and less negativity. From an observation standpoint, here are a few things healthy people do differently:

1. Forgive

Letting go of grudges and past experiences can be both emotionally and physically liberating. Try to remember that holding on to something is your choice, and letting it go can be very empowering.

Generally, healthy people don’t hold as many grudges. They forgive and let go a little bit more easily. This frees up their time and emotions to explore other possibilities.

2. Drink Water

Not soda, not coffee, not juice—water. Adding electrolytes to your water or diet is important to maintain hydration too. Being hydrated keeps you from feeling drowsy or sluggish, and maintains healthy organs and soft tissues.

3. Eat Seated

Your body is able to concentrate solely on digesting when you relax and sit down to eat—and not just during meals, but for a short time afterwards too. This is healthier for your GI tract and for lowering your stress levels.

Another tip: eat with your family. Turn off the TV, put down that book, stop working for an hour, put your phone away, and have a family meal. This provides important catch up time with your family members, all while your body digests your food.

4. Take Breaks

Letting your body rest regularly, or even simply stepping outside and breathing some fresh air can make a big difference in your day and your health. It lessens your stress levels, leading to better health.

5. Get Outside

Healthy people get outside as much as possible. Fresh air and sunshine, or crisp air and rain…either way, something about being in nature encourages us to seek out better health, and draws us to it once we have found a more healthful way of living.

6. Make Food At Home

Healthy people generally make most of their own meals rather than eating out all the time or buying pre-made foods. Realizing what is actually in those foods you eat by making them from home instead of ordering out can help you take control of what you are putting into your body.

The more comfortable you get with cooking, the more you understand which ingredients you can switch out for healthier options, like coconut oil or garbanzo flour.

7. Have A Morning Routine

Waking up at the same time everyday and having a brief morning routine before you start your day is a gentle way to do something for yourself before heading to work. It also provides you with an extra “piece” of the day.

Instead of waking and heading straight to work or the gym, you paused and did something soul-nourishing first, like reading a book, having a warm cup of tea or coffee, sitting under the morning sun for 10 minutes, or playing fetch with the dog. This gives you a chance to already appreciate the day even before it begins (so to speak).

Finding small ways to improve your health that don’t center around food or fitness/working out is important and often overlooked. Building more of these habits and integrating them into your life can help you take charge of your stress levels and bring about better health.

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