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7 Reasons Why Yoginis Make the Best BFFs

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Yogini BFFs share so much more than yoga. There’s a unique bond among yoginis which makes for special, irreplaceable, and highly valued friendships. Not only are yoginis trusting and loyal, we’re also light-hearted, which makes for an easygoing relationship. We can even count on one another to be down for that early morning Vinyasa class. What more could you want in a friend?

But beyond the shared love of yoga, here are some of the things we truly love most about our yogini BFFs.

1. They Have the Same Core Values or “Yamas”

The yamas are a set of yogic morals that yogis exercise in everyday life. The yamas include: ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truthfulness), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (self-restraint), and aparigraha (non-coveting).

Naturally, people with similar values attract to one another, especially when those values create openness and trustworthiness. Further, the ability to have stimulating conversations about these yogic values builds and solidifies yoginis relationships.

2. They Can Help You Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Sure, yoginis enjoy our fair share of yoga practice (and probably met in class!) but we have so much more in common. The yoga way of life usually includes a healthy lifestyle with positive influences, which yoginis tend to bond over. With the same interests, you can rely on your yogini BFF to hit the (juice) bar with you, hold you accountable for that meditation practice, and even snap a few Insta-worthy partner yoga poses together.

3. They Give You Relentless Support

Acting as each other's biggest cheerleader, yogini BFFs always have each others’ backs…literally and figuratively. Whether needing support to get into a yoga pose or for a serious emotional matter, yoginis are there for one another. Yoginis understand that sometimes we can’t fathom what others are going through and that all we can do is be present, attentive, and supportive.

4. They're Not Competitive

Yoginis are also supportive when it come to each others success, as yoga teaches us non-competitiveness. Yoginis see that someone else’s success doesn’t threaten their own success, and that we’re all on our own path and cannot compare to others.

Once we let go of the ego and realize that everyone on earth is basically striving for the same end goal (of happiness, contentment, equanimity), we are better able to support others’ endeavors. Yogini BFFs are all about elevating one another and succeeding together.

5. They Understand You—On and Off the Mat

When things get rough, having a yogini around makes life a lot better. The thoughtfulness and attentive care they can provide can change your entire outlook. After all, yoginis physically practice flipping upside down—which translates off the mat as the ability to flip our perspective to see from someone else’s point of view.

We also realize that we can't and don't always understand, and sometimes that can be the most understanding approach.

6. They are Compassionate

Yoga teaches loving-kindness and it takes having true compassion for yourself to understand and share compassion with others. Whether it be a gentle gesture, an enormous favor, or plain old forgiveness, yoginis always try to tap into their power of compassion. Simply put, yoginis have a lot of heart and having someone warm and tender on your side can be the biggest asset.

7. They Accept Your Whole Truth

Since they’re understanding and compassionate, yoginis by default are incredibly accepting as well. They’re the people in your life that you can share your whole truth with and do so without judgement. Yogini BFFs allow you be you and it further allows for an authentic relationship.

Yoginis understand that who we surround ourselves with is important for our emotional, mental, and spiritual health. So it’s no surprise that we surround ourselves with like-minded, uplifting yogi girlfriends. A treasure trove of goodness, a yogini BFF is one that you can rely on for a lifetime and will only increase in value over time.

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