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7 Bite-Sized Portions of Yoga for Busy People

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These days, time is a precious commodity. So often people tell me they really want to do more yoga, but they struggle to find time to go to class. I get it. Life can be busy and some people simply do not have the option of going to class every day. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

You can still reap some of the amazing benefits of yoga with a few bite size portions that you can easily fit in to your day no matter how busy you are.

1. Getting out of bed 30 minutes earlier

I know, not what you want to hear, but you will find that 30 minutes of yoga in the mornings will be more beneficial to you than that extra bit of sleep. Not only will your physical body be energised and awake, your mind will be more balanced, calm and focused.

If you really can’t face getting up 30 minutes earlier, try starting with 5 minutes and do one posture. 5 minutes will probably become 30 before long.

2. Waiting for your tea or coffee

Whether you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or your latte to be made, you have around 2 to 5 minutes for yoga. Work on your balance by shifting your weight to one leg and raising the other to a place that is comfortable (i.e. where you can balance without tumbling into the next person in the coffee queue).

3. Waiting for a taxi, bus, or train

Instead of getting frustrated, use the wait time wisely and practice simple breath awareness. Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Take your awareness to the centre of your chest and imagine the breath flowing in and out of this space. *Not recommended if you are driving a car!

4. Taking an extra 5 minutes in the bathroom

If you work in an environment where you can’t just strike a pose whenever you feel like it, try extending your bathroom visit by a few minutes and hold a posture or two (cubicle size-dependent, of course). Let’s face it, nobody is going to ask what you’ve been up to…

5. During that boring presentation

Imagine that the person presenting is surrounded in golden light. Gold is the colour related to the spiritual aspect of us, the Anandamayakosha (which translates as the bliss body). This will help you divert your focus away from yawning and uplift your spirit. Literally.

6. Desk yoga

Interlace your fingers behind your lower back and gently stretch your arms away from your body as you squeeze your shoulder blades together and look up. Enjoy that lovely stretch across the front of the shoulders and chest.

Not only will this counter balance the forward bending posture of working at a desk, you will also expand the energy at your heart space—the perfect afternoon pick me up!

7. Family relaxation

After dinner, invite your family to join you for 3 to 5 minutes of relaxation. Shavasana is wonderful of course, but can be challenging with children so I recommend doing Legs up the Wall Pose.

This is more fun for young ones (and adults!) and is deeply relaxing and restorative—the perfect antidote for a busy, stressful day.

Wishing you many blissful yoga moments—bite-sized or meal-sized.

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