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7 Benefits Of Corpse Pose

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Go ahead, hit reset, take Savasana. This is one of those postures that some of us drink up and others of us get antsy and run straight out the door.

If you are someone who has a hard time sticking around for Savasana you probably need it more then anyone else. So try to bear some of these benefits of Corpse Pose in mind.

1. Take a Break

Savasana is like a mini vacation from movement and thought. If it’s offered to you, always take it. Revel in it. How often are you told to just do nothing?

Remember, Savasana is not just about “emptying your mind,” it’s about detaching from all your millions of thoughts for just a few moments. Allow your mind to be full and try to not attach to any one thought. Your to-do list will still be there for you when you leave the room!

2. Really, Take a Break!

If you are someone (like me) who doesn’t really enjoy breaks — you want to just go-go-go — then you need that break more then anyone else.

3. Help Prevent Injury

Practicing Corpse Pose intensifies your ability to listen to your body. This kind of attention can help you prevent injuries before they happen.

Being in tune with yourself physically in this way will tell you when and how to modify or push harder before it is suggested and could make the difference between the depth of your physical practice as much as your emotional practice.

4. Adrenal Support

Transitioning slowly from workout-type movements of any kind into daily movements allows you to separate yourself from the post-workout adrenaline rush. That way you can pay more mindful attention to your actions right after class.

After all, running on adrenaline is not healthy and leads to depletion, or “burn out,” in the end.

5. Calm Your Mind

Softening completely after a workout and allowing yourself to settle gives your nervous system time to reset. It drenches your body in those endorphins you just created so you feel yummier for longer.

6. Body Signals

Just like you have your pre-practice ritual or warm up that tells your body, “hey, we are about to practice” (unroll the mat, place your block and towel, fill your water bottle, perform a few stretches or take a few breaths, 5 sun salutes…), you also should have a post-practice ritual that sends a message to your body that you are about to go back to your day.

Savasana is that ritual.

7. Balance Your Systems

When you calm your nervous system, you are quelling anxiety, stress, insomnia, and all those big hitters on the parasympathetic nervous system list. You are also balancing your digestive system and your stress coping mechanisms by relinquishing the fight or flight mode that the adrenalin from working out can put us into.

There really is no harm in trying it, right? Next time you have the option to take Savasana, forget about “emptying your mind” and embrace whatever is running through you head without engaging or attaching to it.

Simply lie there and accept the gift of a few minutes of peace and quiet. Feel your body sink into relaxation. It might take a few attempts, but eventually it may well become the juiciest part of your practice.

What's your favorite part of Savasana? Share with us below!

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