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6 Ways You Know You’re a Yogi at Heart

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Maybe you have been practicing yoga for a while. You might have a regular Vinyasa class on Tuesdays and have even read a few books on the subject. At some point the practice of yoga begins to change you. Your body is healthier, your mood more relaxed, and you begin to see the world a little differently.

Take a look at these tips that confirm you have made the transition from yogi wannabe to yoga master.

1. You schedule your day around your yoga class.

Not making it to class is no longer an option. This is what you do, it is part of you now. You have to go to yoga class just like you have to go to work, walk the dog, and pay your bills.

It is a staple that keeps you balanced.

2. You go out to eat with your friends, and don’t miss ordering meat — at all.

Veganism (or vegetarianism) is part of being a yogi. For meat-eaters, this can be the hardest part of making the lifestyle change. For others, it comes naturally, or was already part of their healthy lifestyle.

No matter the trigger, you don’t miss the meat on your plate and have learned the finesse of ordering a vegan option when everyone else is having steak.

3. You sit in meditation and fidgeting doesn’t even cross your mind.

One of the biggest challenges for new yogis is resisting the urge to fidget. We are used to busy lives that are changing from moment to moment and aerobic workouts that promote constant movement rather than long-holding postures. This conditions us to move, or want to move, all the time. Sitting still is difficult. Resisting the urge to fidget is even harder.

The more we practice, the better we get at sitting still. That itch that wants to be scratched and the loose strand of hair tickling your nose somehow doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. It can wait. You are sitting in stillness. You do not have the urge to itch, scratch, or fidget. You are a yogi.

4. You are calmer while driving in your car.

When everyone else is gripping their steering wheel and cursing at the traffic, you resist the road rage.

Somehow all of the time spent practicing on your yoga mat is transformed into your life. Suddenly, you notice that you don’t get upset with trivial things like driving, waiting in line, or confronting a disgruntled customer. You handle uncomfortable and stressful situations with a calm, unaffected mind and a smile.

5. Sleep and sex are amazing.

The regular exercise, healthy diet, and reduced stress makes falling asleep a breeze. You are more in tune to your body, which makes you more responsive in the bedroom.

When you have self-confidence and happiness with yourself you are better at sharing this joy with others, and that includes sexy time between the sheets. Enjoy the increased stamina and flexibility that practicing yoga can give you, which makes sex with your loved one so much better.

6. Your relationships are richer.

Yoga teaches us some pretty amazing life-lessons. Buddhist principles set the stage for this practice and begin to rub off like peel-and-stick tattoos if we pay attention. Gems like compassion, loving kindness, forgiveness, and being comfortable with uncertainty are just a few.

If we take these precious teachings and apply them to our life, we find that we are more open building new relationships with others, and finding deeper meaning in our current relationships with family and friends. In the long run, this is what life is really about.

How do you know you're a yogi at heart? Share with us below!

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