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6 Traits Of Happy People

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Some people always seem to be so happy, content and carefree. Were these fortunate souls born under a lucky star… or is there something that they know, do and feel that the rest of us don’t? It turns out that happy people do view life and live it differently than their more somber counterparts.

Here are 6 traits that joyous individuals share.

1. You Are Optimistic

Happy people see the glass as at least half full, if not filled or overflowing. They expect good things to happen and find the good in every situation. When problems, disappointments or setbacks occur, these individuals find innovative ways to deal with and solve their dilemmas. They focus on resolving the issue and moving on instead of dwelling on their misfortune and looking for sympathy and pity.

2. You Have Very Big Dreams

These visionaries thrive during the process of creatively bringing their aspirations to life. When one goal has been achieved, they are busy conjuring up their next larger undertaking. These ambitious individuals commit to being life-long learners, are proactive and do whatever it takes to bring their intention to fruition.

3. You Feel Grateful For What You Currently Have

Joyous folks appreciate all that is good in their lives at the present moment. They don’t compare themselves to others nor are they envious. Happy people rarely complain because they realize that this negative activity is a waste of energy. Instead they focus on what they possess rather than what they lack. Happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have.

4. You Take Care Of Yourself Physically, Emotionally And Spiritually

Eating well, exercising regularly, controlling stress and getting enough sleep are life-long habits this special group has adopted. Likewise, these enlightened beings take the time to pray, meditate and/or quiet their minds on a regular basis. Devoting sufficient time for family, friends, work, play and spirituality keeps their lives in balance.

5. Your Practice The Golden Rule

Happy people treat everyone with kindness. They always find good things to say about other people and are uncomfortable around those who gossip. They forgive, forget and don’t hold grudges. These caring individuals are generous and get pleasure from helping others achieve happiness too.

6. Your Are Secure In Yourself

Cheerful folks are not people pleasers. They don’t need approval from others nor do they concern themselves with what others want for them. Their self worth does not come from who they know, where they live or what they own. They surround themselves with positive, like-minded people.

We are all capable of living happy lives. The choice is ultimately ours.

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