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6 Things Yogis Do to Look and Feel Awesome

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My job as a stylist is to make people look good. I’ve spent years working on commercial photo shoots, and with clients in their homes sorting through clothes to locate our top picks. And even after we’ve found The One—the outfit that says AMAZING, it’s not the end all.

The reality is the perfect outfit can only do so much when it comes to making you look and feel awesome. Looking and feeling awesome is about the person in the outfit, and the life lived in that outfit that captures the greatest expression.

True style statements start on the inside, and the mind-body practice of yoga is a surefire way to dig deep within and discover your best self.

There’s More To Yoga Than Getting Into A Pose

A daily Downward Dog, along with a host of other yoga postures, can benefit your body. I’ve seen how Dolphin defines arms. And how Chair pose leads to a tight tush. But the asana, or physical part of yoga, is just the beginning when it comes to connecting the mind and body. And this connection is key to tapping into your best expression.

Here are some of the things that yogis do to look and feel awesome.

1. They Stand (Or Sit) Tall.

People who do a lot of yoga have great posture. All that lengthening up through the crown of the head really does create space between the vertebrae. And a spacious spine not only adds centimeters to your height, it lends an air of confidence.

2. They Breathe Deeply.

Yoga is all about the breath. In class, it’s usually the first thing an instructor talks about, and remains a primary focus throughout the session.

By breathing fuller, deeper breaths, you’re grounding more into your body, and living less in your head. This not only quiets your inner critic (the one who keeps saying you look fat), it calms the body—reducing stress which wreaks havoc on the skin and causes premature aging.

3. They Go Upside Down.

Most well-rounded yoga routines include inversions. By bringing the hips above the head, gravity gets reversed—and who can deny the anti-aging effects of this kind of gravity pull? (Just hold a mirror up to your face while laying flat on your back to see what I mean.)

Also, the extra boost of blood flow to the brain stimulates the body with an invigorating burst of energy, in other words—it lights up your look with a healthy glow.

4. They Slow Down And Go With The Flow.

There’s no rushing to reach the finish line in yoga. It’s a journey made up of moments and transitions that yogis mindfully move through. And I think we all can attest – that whole running around like a chicken with its head cut off is not a good look for anyone.

5. They Respect Their Bodies.

Dedicated yogis are masters at listening to their bodies. They know when it’s time to push forward, and when to hold back. This type of discipline, or self-control plays out well when temptation shows up as a batch of cheese puffs, or a party until dawn.

6. They Tune In.

Yogis pay attention. They’re awake to what’s going on within themselves, as well as the world around. By living from this type of awareness, they can cultivate a relationship with compassion to make a connection from the inside out.

Ultimately, this can evolve into a confident stream of grace—the essence of your best expression, and the foundation for looking and feeling awesome.

What other habits would you add to this list of things yogis do to radiate awesomeness? Which of these things are you already doing on the regular?

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