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6 Things You Should Know Before Taking Yoga Teacher Training

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I find the hardest thing for some people to do these days is to make a commitment. Your intentions are great, but the execution is horrible. Why is it people simply cannot make a commitment? Have we become a nation of commitment -phobes? Why can’t we stick to our word? It used to mean something when you said you would do something. Now we are always looking for an escape from our commitments.

Take your yoga practice for example, why is it so hard to stay on our mats and practice yoga? I struggle with this every day. I set an intention every morning. I know that just 10 minutes of yoga a day can make me feel so much better. I am at my best when I have a regular yoga practice. Why can’t I commit to always feeling good?

This phenomenon seems to also exist for yoga teacher training. I facilitate yoga teacher training, and this is my 4th year. Every summer, I sit before potential yoga teachers during their application process for the September session and I set out the expectations. They proceed to tell me about their practice and dedication to being a yoga teacher, and I believe them. But every year I have to have the hard conversation with some of my teachers about their commitment. It never ceases to amaze me why people who sign up for yoga teacher training fall off the wagon. Why it is so hard to stay committed, even in Yoga Teacher Training?

Are You Sure You Can Commit?

Don’t get me wrong, I always have a few teachers in my trainings that excel beyond my all expectations. But there are always those few who have no idea how intense the training is going to be, and give up or just plain lack the commitment to take training seriously. This is such a waste of everyone’s time and money, because Yoga Teacher Training is hard work for student and teacher alike.

I take Yoga Teacher Training very seriously. I respect the profession that it is. It is important that we, as yoga teachers, hold this tradition in the highest regard. We must stay true to the teachings and to upholding the integrity of the teachings and the practice.

If you are ready to make the commitment to teach this age old practice you must be honest with yourself. You must commit the time and energy it takes to be a good student. The integrity of the practice starts with your commitment to upholding the tradition.

If you are thinking about doing teacher training here is what you need to know.

  1. Becoming a yoga teacher starts with making a commitment to yourself to be trained well. Go to a respectable, reputable teacher training facility and immerse yourself in the experience.
  2. It means practicing yoga daily. You learn the most from your own personal practice and experiences.
  3. Take the training seriously and respect your yoga teacher’s time and commitment to you; come to class on time and be prepared to learn.
  4. Teacher training means coming to the mat as you are, and being open to being vulnerable.
  5. Understand constructive criticism is designed to help you be a better teacher.
  6. Being a yoga teacher means being a trained professional, so behave like one.

I have said it before and I will say it again: This yogic path is very challenging but also very rewarding if you do the work. If you DO decide to take teacher training, then commit with your whole heart. Otherwise, you are wasting everyone’s time.

Remember your actions speak louder than your words! If you talk the talk, make sure you commit and walk the walk as well.

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