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6 Problems Only Yogis Will Understand

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It’s hard to imagine a time when yoga pants were unpopular and most of the world hadn’t heard of Downward Dog. Yoga has come a long way, from the East to the West, surpassing centuries. And while most yogis would agree that the transformational effects are astounding, yoga does present some problems.  

Some of them are less than bothersome, but they still made the list for humor’s sake. Here are six problems only yogis will understand.

1. You Have Trouble Standing on Two Feet

12 Adorable Babies Doing Yoga -- tree pose

Once a Tree Poser, always a Tree Poser — no matter where you are.

You’re in the grocery store, in line at the bank, or at your best friend’s birthday bash — anywhere your feet land is fertile ground for your Tree Pose. It’s so hard to stand on two feet!

2. You Never Want to Get Dressed…Again

Okay, so yoga pants are insanely trendy right now. They lift your butt, they don’t mind if you indulge at any meal, and they always keep you fully supported with none of the hassles that buttons and zippers present. You cannot bear to just toss them aside after your workout. You’d rather linger in that lycra all day; even sleep in a fresh pair post-shower.

Now that’s a problem, because while you can get away with wearing them all weekend, the workplace may have a slightly different dress code, by which you reluctantly abide. But hey, who says you can’t daydream of wearing them in every afternoon meeting?

3. The Crowded Mat Conundrum

Source: Giphy Source: Giphy

You have a favorite yoga studio and you’re so psyched to get there. So are thirty-five other yogis.

Math may be your strong suit, but this one just doesn’t add up. Attempting to park your mat in a busy class can feel like circling the mall on Black Friday.

4. The Crack Confrontation

problems only yogis understand

This one directly relates to the above point. You’re deep in Warrior III and your instructor calls for a new pose, which leaves you repositioning. Your nose swoops down to meet the crack in front of you. Oh boy, you’ll have to hold this one now — this awkward pose that finds you shallow breathing so you don’t get a full on whiff of that yogi's sweaty backside.

Now would be a good time to rearrange your “Be Here Now” mantra. "Be elsewhere” sounds more appropriate.

5. Savasana Sleep Resistance

Credit: Pinterest Credit: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a good siesta… I mean Savasana. They sure feel the same when you’re dog tired and you’ve worked every muscle and limb during Power yoga.

But you can’t possibly fall asleep right there in class, because you might make that low growling noise your boyfriend thinks is so adorable when you’ve just dozed off on the couch.

6. You Can't Get Enough

Source: The Telegraph Source: The Telegraph

Yoga here, yoga there, yoga everywhere! You can't get enough of your favorite activity. You'll do it at any time, in any place, and under any circumstances. Yoga has totally taken over your life in all aspects.

And you wouldn't have it any other way.

What kinds of problems have you encountered as a yoga lover? Share with us in the comments!

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